10 on thursday.

Despite having a few crazy weeks – I’m happy to at least check in for 10 on Thursday. (I know, its a few days late but hey, its the same week!
1. Last week I had the honor of donating a session to be raffled off for sweet Charlotte’s Bone Marrow ‘Be the Match’ Drive.  I’m super excited to report we raised over $1000 for ‘Be the Match!’  I’ve already been in touch with the winner Andrea and I know a session with her two little blessings is going to be fantastic this summer.  Charlotte’s drive was a HUGE success.  Thank you thank you to all of those who came out and got screened.  I’m told a ‘good’ turnout is somewhere around 40-50 people.. between the two screenings we had over 300!  It really is amazing what a community can when we work together.  It was an honor to work with so many amazing people who love and support the Pineault family.  I look forward to working together again and getting to know all these amazing new friends 🙂
2.  Speaking of Charlotte — she is doing great.  For those who have asked, she is in her second phase of treatment here in Boston and is responding very well.  Her parents Ted and Constance are so wonderful about keeping up with her journal to keep everyone updated on her daily progress.  You can read their entries here: Charlotte’s CaringBridge Page
3. I’m headed down to my friends at Lens Pro to Go in Concord, MA to return a camera I rented last week while mine was out getting fixed.  Photographers in the area – If you don’t know about Lens Pro to Go already (which you totally should!!!) but if you don’t – GO to their website.  You’ll love them.  Paul is fantastic and has so much gear available to rent that you’ll be blown away.  Their customer service is amazing and their friendly advice is always wonderful.  They have also just introduced a new business called StudioShare. It is a really awesome concept — As they say on their website:

Community-based photo rentals enable photographers to make the most of photo resources that are already in use and owned by others in the photo community. Make money by renting out your own idle equipment and space, or rent others’ resources for your photo shoots. Share your skills, or hire experienced stylists, assistants, and other service providers, easily and securely.

So essentially if you have equipment you want to rent or studio space available or you need studio space if you dont have a studio – this is a place you can go to connect with other photographers and use it as needed.  Amazing, right!  Check it out – It’s going to be fantastic!
4.  In the craziness I’ve been really trying to take 5 minutes to start my day with a little bit of sunshine and a few minutes to quiet my mind.  It seems lately when I start the day I’m off and running before I can even catch my breath so I’ve been trying to take a few minutes before the day starts to quiet my mind and keep centered.  I really believe its important to take a few minutes to yourself, especially us Mom’s who’s days are off and running as soon as those little piggies hit the floor, as well as us business owners who are desperately trying to find more hours in the day! If we’re not good to ourselves, we cant be great for everyone else, right!? Lately with the nice weather I’ve been taking these precious few minutes down by the water on days that I leave first thing.. here are a few snapshots from my iphone I took to remind myself to stay centered when things get overwhelming.  Pretty, isn’t it!?

singing beach - manchester ma

calm seas - singing beach - manchester ma

rough seas after the crazy rain flooding - serious beach erosion

rough seas after the crazy rain and flooding - serious beach erosion

5. Can we talk about this weather!?  I am officially SO ready for Spring and Summer!  The last few days have been in the mid 60s and I hear it might even be 70 on Saturday.  SUPER excited about that — Family day on Saturday with 70 = awesome.  I’m thinking I might actually do a mini shoot with the kiddos and Rick as its been a long time since I’ve actually shot for my own kids — we’ll see if they are interested, or at least up for bribery! Nope, I’m not above it! Stay tuned.
6. The kids must be in the middle of a growth spurt because all of a sudden both of them are growing out of everything they have!  Apparently its a new season too.. Where are the weeks going? Rick and I were saying last night how these weeks are flying by.. Does anyone else feel like that?
7. Dane SandersFast Track Photographer workshop is only a week away!! I’m SO excited my sweet friend Macy just signed up too — It’s going to be fantastic I know it 🙂  Check it out – You’ll think its going to be fantastic too!
8.  I don’t think I’ve reported how much I LOVE the program ‘Things’ from apple.  For someone that makes lists for lists it is awesome.  The best part is the app on my iphone syncs so everything on my computer is on my phone too! This is a HUGE benefit for me since I will lay awake at night and think of all the things I have to do the next day – now I just pick up my phone, log it into a ‘Things’ and its off my mind.  Such a great investment!
9.  Last weekend we headed for a big treat — Rick, Jackson, Molly and I met our friends Heather and Tyler and Emma at the Rainforest Cafe for dinner. The kids were awesome and had a blast!  When got home late –  I took Molly to her room to put her bed – Rick too Jack duty. I knew it was late but I sat in her rocking chair and just snuggled her .. it had been a while since I had done that but I figured, hey, we’re already past bedtime — why not!?  We sat there, I sang her her little ladybug song and she giggled.. She held her lovey and her paci (I KNOW! only for sleeping.. relax… she won’t be in kindergarten with it!) and just snuggled into my arms.  It was perfect. It was just what my heart needed.  She was angelic.  Our schedules have been so crazy lately I was grateful she gave me this little gift.  Usually she goes to bed just as we’re finishing dinner and theres still so much to do that she goes right to bed… not lots of time for snuggling.. Although I might change that.. I know I wont get this time back.. And just so I don’t forget I snapped this…
10.  It’s THURSDAY already!??!?!? HOW did that happen!?  Here’s to a busy rest of today and tomorrow and then onto a perfect weather family weekend! I hope you enjoy your weekend with those who make you smile!
Much Love,

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