10 on tuesday.

Whoa. two weeks in a row – Crazy, right!  I know.
Here we go….
1. Two new favorite apps for my iphone– Shakeit. I mean who doesn’t like the old Polaroid pictures!  Jackson likes it too – one of his favorite new apps as well.  Second favorite is Losit. Best part is it’s free!  Check it out..
2. Nothing says Happy Anniversary like a gym membership, yeah?!  I am finally not pregnant – or recently had any kids – so theres no excuse.  (Yes, those were my excuses!) I reactivated our gym membership for our anniversary so we can get our butts in gear and get back in shape. I don’t worry so much about numbers, it’s not my style.  I worry more about how I’m feeling.  I’m happy to report the last two days were the first two days back and I hit the ground running. Literally.  I ran 2 miles the first day and 3 miles yesterday.  I couldn’t have done it without Pandora – Another reason I love my iphone. It’s made the gym WAY better.  Besides feeling a bit sore, I actually feel really good- and dare I say loved the gym? Yes, crazy. I know. Hopefully it stays this way!
3.  I am so behind I cant even believe I’m admitting it, I haven’t even imported my Christmas morning photos. ::GASP:: Seriously.  There is something wrong with me.   How do you keep up with all your photos? Photogs — How do you keep up with your personal photos as much as your business? Besides giving up sleep all together?! 🙂
4. Since adapting a new work system I am finding I’m getting  a lot more done and its really productive.  If you’re finding it difficult to balance work and family time I really recommend blocking time for both and only focusing on one.  Its crazy how much it changes things.  And why did I wait so long!
5.   Super excited about some amazing opportunities for work I’ll be participating in over the next few weeks.  I’ll be sure to report back on them and I’m just finalizing which ones I’m definitely attending – more on this soon.
6.  Molly is finally a walker.  Although she took steps a few months ago, shes wobbled around and had a little bit of a tough time with her hips.. Just in the last few days she has really taken to walking 80% of the time!  I’m so proud of her every time she falls she gets right back up and keeps going.  There is something so cute about their wobbley (yes I made that up) walking! Way to go big girl!
7.  Flip video.  LOVE IT.  The other anniversary gift for both personal and business uses but man, it is awesome!  I’m still trying to figure out how to get on my blog but once I do, I’ll be adding some clips.
8. I’d just like to report how much I still love my Grocery-go-getter.  My Loser Cruiser.  As my brother said ‘The Uterus Mobile.” I am taking care of our friends sweet baby girl two days a week and fitting the two Crazies in plus her is a piece of cake.  For as uncool as it makes this 30 year old look, I’m fine with it. I love it. I’m totally cool with it.
9. Jackson has discovered Trader Joe’s mini peanut butter cups.  His new favorite dessert when he eats his dinner.  He tries to tell us since they are little he can have more.  What can I say, that’s how I justify it too.  Although my personal favorite, dark chocolate covered blueberries.  Hey, I started the gym again – don’t hate!
10.  Faces from Haiti. Have you seen this?  It made my heart hurt to look at.  It made it hard for me to breath for these people.  I felt so broken. The thing that always strikes me when terrible disasters  like this happen are the big numbers. When they say thousands of people have died somehow it is just a number.  But looking at these powerful photographs it reminds us that each person in those thousands that have died had a story. Had a family. Had friends. Had a heart.  I think about how devistating it is to lose someone you love and care for and then I think about these hundreds of people that have been lost and how you even go on after losing so many people you loved at once.  It’s really hard for me to get my head around.  At any rate, if we can keep Haiti on our minds I just hope they get the help and aid they need months from now.  That is when they are going to need it most. …… Whoa, heavy.  Sorry about that.
So, there it is! 10 on Tuesday again!  I was hoping to get some pictures up but this naptime is running short!
Thanks for checking in!
Much Love,

  • Diana - Hey Keri,
    It was so great meeting you last night! I had such a fun time getting to know everyone and meeting one of my favorite bloggers/celebrities, Erin. (Isn’t she great?) I looked through your blog and business website today. You are super-talented, missy! I absolutely love your style of photography. So happy to know that there are photographers with style around here in Boston. Ellen and I would love to meet up again…maybe a Boston blogger meet-up at some point? In any case, we’ll keep in touch at least through the blogging world.
    Take care,

  • ellen patton - Keri — it was a treat to meet you! When you have a chance please email me your address (I have something to send you). Thanks!! It would be fun to see you again. ep

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