10 on Wednesday.

It’s the new black.  10 on Wednesday, not Tuesday.
1. Sometimes I have so many things racing through my head I a) can’t sleep and keep my poor husband up tossing and turning all night just as much as I am b) start to feel like I’m suffocating in my own thinking because I want to do so many things and I cant decide where to start and c) think I need to invent a time warp machine that would help me – and others I’m sure. There’s the answer, eh!?
2. I’m getting super excited for two upcoming events.  Next week I am headed to two days of Photography goodness at Inspire Boston — I know some of my sweet friend will be there and I look forward to meeting many more.  Any other New England area photog’s headed down to it?  The second event I’m super pumped for is Dane Sander’sFast Track Photographer Workshop! Dane is coming to Boston with his amazing workshop and I know he is going to fill my creative and business cup with crazy amounts of knowledge and I just can’t wait for it!  I’ve been part of Dane’s forum for a long time and I can’t wait to finally meet him! 🙂
3. Whats with the snow?  Apparently states that don’t get snow are getting crazy amounts, and states that do get snow are getting even more?  I’m kind of scared as the weather seems to be getting worse the older I get, or maybe I just pay attention now instead of just praying for snow days 😉  Too bad Jackson hates the snow – when do they start liking it?  He just cries.  I have video to prove it.. perhaps I’ll get that on here too.
4. Speaking of video – Oh how we LOVE our FlipHD video.  That thing is awesome.  I know I keep talking about it, and I was supposed to be doing some work with it to put on the blog this morning at the Apple store, but due to a reschedule that’s postponed 😉  – The greatest part is it fits in my pocket or diaper bag or even my purse. I love being able to capture little moments of the kids here and there.. The inner geek in me loves technology so much its ridiculous.
5.  Technology really is amazing.  Rick and I were watching a show last night about Colgan aircraft and how the airliners have such different requirements for regional jets and all that jazz.. but then it got us thinking on how its crazy that we can ACTUALLY fly. I mean the logistics of it are just insane, which is really why I don’t like to think about it to be honest.  But it did remind me of a funny video I put on my facebook a while back.. still makes me laugh everytime though.. check it out:

Louis CK – Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

6. I love to people watch. It’s one of my favorite things to do, second to laughing I think. Which is quite nice since the two often go hand in hand. Sometime I look at the way people do things and it makes me wonder how they think thats a good idea? But isn’t that the amazing thing that we are all so different and can look at the same situation but do something completely different? Fascinating really. I love to see the way people interact. React. Hence my psychology degree I suppose.
7. I just reconnected with a friend from college via Facebook this week. Can I just say how excited I am!? Ms. Sherry and I were very close in college, and after college we lost touch for a bit. Not for lack of trying but we just kept missing each other and after a few years just after I had Jackson, I think, we reconnected over email. Unfortunately we lost touch again and I have spent the last few years searching for her. Little did I know she was married and didn’t use her maiden name so clearly I couldn’t find her!! Well, although I don’t like facebook for a lot of things, I do LOVE that it brought her back to me! We chatted the other night as if no time had passed at all and already are making plans to get the girls from college back together for a mini reunion. EXCITED. yes, cannot wait for that! See, inner geek – love technology. So glad to hear from you Ms. Sherry – So glad we’ll all be getting together soon.
Do you keep in touch with your college friends? High school friends? You should. Not because you have to, but because it might be nice. I know everyone says – ‘well if i wanted to keep in touch with people I would,’ but sometimes life happens and things get in the way — not that its an excuse — but sometimes you just need a little nudge to get back in touch. And then you pick up where you left off. And its awesome.
8. What is also going to be awesome is the newborn session I have on Friday. I cant wait to get my hands on a little peanut — I’ve been missing them! I know she’s going to be a little doll.. stay tuned for the sneak peak on that!
9. I can’t believe I’m actually going to say it but I can actually start to understand the needy feeling for gym! Yes, that’s right, I actually find myself needing/wanting to go. The girl who used to hate it! Crazy I know. Although running yesterday was killing my knees — apparently I’m not spring chicken anymore… perhaps I should switch to the elliptical? We’ll see…
10. He let me take his picture! Yep, Jackson said I could take his picture — not before I bribed him of course – totally not above it! But, he agreed so we could make his valentine. As soon as I loaded his images on the computer I was stopped in my tracks. He.Looks.So.Old. What happened to my sweet little baby? He’s all grown up and I can’t believe how fast time is going by. Check it out for yourself…
Until next time.. Much love,

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