20 years from now.

This sums up why I am in love with my job. My cousin Alison and I have been really good friends since we were babies.. As time went on we spent hours and hours together and created a really special friendship.   When I think back to growing up together the overwhelming thing that comes to mind is laughing!   We were always laughing.  The ironic thing is just how much laughing we have done over this very print as the years have gone by!  When we took this first picture years ago – it was a free print at the mall – we did it all on our own – decided it was a good idea since we were inseparable and while we are family, we have always been, more importantly friends.. That, and clearly had an awesome fashion sense! If we had only know how much entertainment this picture would give us over the years! Now, years later – we are still friends — sharing the cousin friendships with our own kids as they are cousins now, too.

I know we always say “we will remember this moment” – but time slips by and memories fade. I absolutely love that I now have a job that can recall memories like this for so many people but most importantly my family. So yes, forget the fashion, forget the haircuts, just document your life! 20 years from now you’ll be so glad you did!

Mothers are the worst at this, aren’t we? “I just have to lose a little weight.” ” I just have to get my hair cut.”  “I just… I just.. I just” …….. and then years pass and you have left your family with nothing. This is your life – This is what is happening, now! At the time this pictures seemed like something fun to do! Now it is such a crystal clear reminder of how much we fun we have had.  This image alone can call up all kinds of memories — It’s hard to do that off memory alone.  I read a quote somewhere a long time ago that said something to the effect of  ‘the best camera is the one you have with you’.. Now, with every device you have a camera.. USE IT.  Of course, documenting your memories professionally is high on my suggestion list, but if nothing else, show your kids you were there. I’m pretty sure for the first 3 years of my own kids lives they will hardly believe I was there -I was always behind the camera.  I have made it a point to try to be IN more pictures in recent months and really hope to increase that as time goes on.   Yes, I am blessed and grateful to document memories as my job, but I also want to create them with my own family. Take the time to do it with yours.
So please, if nothing else, snap a few shots on your phone.  But even more important, after you do that – PRINT THEM! It’s funny to look at this print from years ago because 1) it was free and 2) its a print.  Now it seems like everything is digital and while I’m a big fan of that, I just feel like there is something magical about holding an image.  Seeing it in print. More importantly, being able to hand it down through your family.   Who knows what kind of devices we will have in 20 years. Will you be able to access all your digital  images?

Thanks for all these years of memories Alison,  I’m so grateful for every laugh! And so it continues…..

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