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Today I’m thankful for the gentle kind souls of my two little munchkins. They are both very soft souled and very caring. Since Jackson started first grade, he has discovered a love for writing and making books. Every day he has to make some sort of new book! (Which means a LOT of stickynotes – as that is his paper of choice lately!) I love hearing his stories and the way he sees the world. Molly is a step behind him either copying his picture or making up something similar to his – their creativity is amazing.

But, the most adorable thing is when I get my own notes from them.   I send notes in their snack bags or lunch boxes sometimes, and Jackson and I have a ‘Mama and Me’ Journal where we write back and forth little notes in a notebook… but their new thing is to make cards! They are always making cards and wanting to go to the post office.  I finally explained if they are ‘mailing’ a letter to me – just leave it on my desk! I am not putting a stamp on an envelope to mail it back to our house every time!! God bless them for wanting to though!

So today, I’m thankful for the words from their hearts. I’m thankful they wear their heart on their sleeves (like their mama!) and I’m so incrediblly grateful I have these memories to keep forever.

I love you as big as the sky, Jackson and Molly!

In case you were wondering – This is me – I”m a princess and I have a purple headband and a tiara!
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“You are the best mommy. You do fun things and let me have candy and special days with you. and let me watch tv. i love you so much  – jackson.”

Apparently that’s all it takes!

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