3 new friends and a day in Boston…

I was lucky enough to spend the day with 3 other wonderful photographers in Boston yesterday. Melissa Jill who I’ve admired for a long time – an amazing photographer from AZ, and fellow Bostonians James Federico and Bob Pattison. I picked Melissa up and headed into the city – we parked (not before she was shocked at the cost of parking in the city!! – welcome to boston!) and walked a couple blocks to Qunicy Market where we met up with James and Bob. Who doesn’t love a good trip into the food court of Fanueil Hall! We talked over lunch about the industry and how different things seem to be on the West Coast and the East Coast. Generally speaking, the East Coast isn’t as open about sharing and helping one another – I am lucky enough to have blessed friends like the Tirados but without them I wouldnt know too many other people in the industry in the area. Lucky for me I have two new friends, James and Bob, and lucky for all of you we’re going to try our hardest to swing the pendileim. After lunch we headed around the city for a bit of a tour for Melissa. Bob and I were joking about how when you live somewhere you actually forget to really look around a lot of the time!

Melissa was sweet enough to take a couple pictures of us hangin’ — you can see the rest of her shots on her blog

Melissa – thank you so much for making the time to meet a girl from boston who comments on your blog! You are just as sweet as I knew you would be! I look forward to next years visit if not before 🙂

James – It’s so nice to put a face to a name! I’m really excited that we’re in the same boat and are looking for the same type of people to share ideas and knowledge with. We’ll definitely be in touch soon 🙂

Bob – I’m so glad you decided to make the trip in! It was wonderful to spend the day chit-chatting about our towns as well as photography. I may just take you up on the idea to second shoot sometime! As I said to James, we’ll definitely be in touch!

Thank you all for engaging me and answering all my questions – You guys rock!

I ‘borrowed’ these shots from Melissa’s blog instead of taking a picture with each of our cameras — Hope thats okay girlie!

Enjoy the rest of your trip in NH!


  • Melissa Jill :) - Hey Keri!! SO fun meeting you yesterday! You are a sweetie too! Thanks for driving me and showing me around! I had a great time!

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