4 weeks.

(because I know I won’t be able to post tomorrow – here is my post a day early!!)
Isn’t it funny how circumstances can change perceptions of time.  When it was the end of my pregnancy I remember telling a stranger I had four weeks left. FOUR WEEKS. UGH. It might as well have been 2 years because it felt like there was no end in sight!  Well now that Molly is here I had a similar conversation and oh my my response was different.
This morning someone asked ‘How old is she?’.. I responded.. ‘Four weeks’… FOUR WEEKS ALREADY! Just a few weeks ago four weeks seemed like an eternity, but now it seems to have passed in an instant.  There was something about saying it outloud made it seem like it’s been so long!  Sometimes I feel like she was just born yesterday and other times I feel like she’s always been a part of our family. I remember feeling like time was passing too quickly when Jackson was a newborn as well – I guess some things never change..
And now to my sweet baby girl..

Molly Lillian-
I can’t believe you are already one month old.  You are growing so much and doing more and more each day – You are staying alert and awake a little longer – you are eating like a little piggie because some of your clothes are getting tight! You are smiling more (yes, I know babies don’t smile with emotion for a while but regardless the smile is adorable!) You follow my voice when you hear me in the room – You recognize your brothers voice and you always give him kisses back when he kisses you!  You have been sleeping roughly 9-1am and then up again to eat at 4am and 7am – sometimes more and sometimes less but that is FAR better then your big brother who was up every 45 minutes at your age!!! So thanks for the little break and although times will change as you always keep me on my toes -I’ll take the 3 nights of those hours and hope for more to come in the future!! 🙂
Before you were born I would try to imagine what it would be like with a little girl since all I’ve known prior to you was everything boy!  As soon asI held you I knew you completed our family circle.  Although I loved having a boy first, I have to admit I’m so excited I get to share mother/daughter things with you too.  I love that your room is pink – I love that everything you wear has some sort of pink, purple or small girlie flair to it – I love that even though you are only a baby, Jackson already seems to treat you like a little lady – I love that you look so much like your brother did – I love that you grab my shirt to hold on for dear life when you nurse just like your brother did! I love that you hold my finger so tight just as you’re falling asleep.  I love everything you have shared with me over the last 4 weeks.  Even the sleepless nights because when I look at you laying next to me that angelic face melts my heart. You and your brother gave me purpose. You and your brother gave me the gift of motherhood and I will forever be grateful to you both.  It is the greatest blessing in the world and I couldn’t be more proud to be your Mom. I am so grateful you picked us to be your Mom and Dad – and Jackson to be your big brother.  He loves you so much already and is always trying to comfort you when you’re crying, smooch you when you’re awake and sometimes he even tries to sneak you gummy bears or graham crackers – But lucky for you Mom’s always watching!! Although he has his moments – he just adores you! I am so glad (and I think Daddy is too!) that he will be there to fight off all those boys knocking on our door!
Anyways, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and our family! We are so lucky to have you. 
We love you little ladybug..

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