# 13 November Thankful 30. | personal.

Today I’m thankful for all the technology advances we have. Although I have struggled with losing data, missing files, crashed hard drives, broken cell phones, it still amazes me just how much we actually DO have and just how amazing it is that we can preserve so many priceless memories.  Between cameras, camcorders and now even just our cell phones, we have so blessed to have so many ways to capture meaningful memories.

While I was going through some files looking for a folder this morning, I came across some old voice memo’s the kids and I had recorded together.. This one was an absolute favorite and still melts my heart every time I hear it.. Molly was just learning to really speak and she was playing with my phone — she said this all on her own without anyone asking her or telling her what to say – and yes, i definitely had tears in my eyes! (not to mention, its so funny to think back and remember she spoke so clearly — now I listen to these things or watch video and can barely figure out what she is saying! No wonder why people look to parents to translate 🙂 hehe..)

Molly’s words

translation:  “You make my heart super happy!”

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