# 16 November Thankful 30. | personal.

#16. Today I’m thankful for the one who holds my heart. Although I haven’t been too personal around here much lately, today is different! Today, I’m shakin’ it up!

Today I’m thankful for my boyfriend, Dave. I’m thankful for the one who dances with me in the kitchen, who makes me laugh until I squeak and can’t breathe, for the one who holds my hand when I am too scared to move. I’m thankful for the one who wraps me up in comfort when I need support, or is the first to cheer me on to celebrate good news. I’m thankful he believes in me (even when I don’t believe in myself!) I’m thankful for this man who has come into my life with grace, integrity, honesty and compassion. I’m thankful for his drive, his perspectives and his vulnerability. I’m thankful he is so talented at his trade and has such success with something he loves. I’m grateful for the way keeps me grounded. I’m thankful he reminds me I can ask for help. I’m so incredibly thankful for our foundation of friendship.  I’m thankful to have a teammate. I’m thankful he is such a fantastic Dad to his daughter and an amazing friend to my kids. I’m thankful that we make time for each other. I’m thankful that we’re silly together. I’m so grateful we love to laugh together. I’m thankful that even though I tell him I never believe him, he tells me every day I’m beautiful. I’m thankful he makes me coffee every morning and sits next to me on the couch every night (especially to keep me warm since I’m always so cold!) I’m thankful we both love the ocean and the peace we find there. I’m thankful we are different. I’m thankful for the kiss on my forehead. I’m thankful that we want each other to be successful and will do whatever we can to support each other. I’m thankful that he showed up and reminded me of so many things I gave up on.  Above all, I’m most thankful, that despite all the craziness we have, we have happy. Thanks for choosing me, babe!


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