a bad blogger i know..

i’ve been a terrible blogger i know.. its been a rough week or so in this house..Rick and I got hit with some NASTY food poisoning and it sent us for a loop. We’ve never both been sick at the same time so having a crazy wound up toddler running around as you sicker then sick was a bit of a challenge… luckily Neighbors-of-the-Century came by and scooped up our little man for a few hours while we felt like garbage on the couch. We are so super grateful to have some of our bestest friends as our neighbors — what would we do without Paul and Donna!? So after that fiasco things have returned to normal a bit… thank goodness!

even though i’ve been a bad blogger…. i do have some super exciting news…… GUESS WHO IS MOVING?!?!?!?

Yep! thats right– right after we decided everything we had looked at wasn’t worth moving for we decided that we’d just stay one more year… well the very next day an awesome couple we met with last year told us their property is going to become available march 1 if we are interested…. well wouldnt you know our lease ends Feb. 29th!! So we headed right over, checked it out and fell in love with it just as much as we did last year! We didnt move last year because a few minor things that we thought might have been a problem but turns out – we can make it all work out this time — I can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are! Its our very own house — no lugging up 3 flights of stairs (or the elevator!) – with groceries, laundry, a dog, and a toddler! just open the door to the fenced in yard to play!!! We are close Nana and Papa and close to Mi-Mi and Pampy, close to where jackson will go to preschool, it overlooks some marshland into the ocean – it has LAUNDRY! im telling you – it couldnt have worked out better if i prayed any harder… and good thing as i wasnt sure how much more i could pray! isn’t if funny though.. somehow when i get to the point that i just surrender everything things work out… you’d think id have more faith by now… i guess im a little slow on the uptake somedays 🙂 at any rate we are so so so grateful things are working out…

my fellow photographer friends will appreciate this — we have 4 windows in our place right now – we live in a building so there obviously only on the front side of the buidling… i feel like some days we live in a cave the way sunlight gets blocked by our building and it sure does make for difficult lighting situations…. BUT… check this out below… the entire length of hour house is not only windows along side — but SKYLIGHTS! — imagine going from a cave to this!!!!!… we are very super excited!

so although ive been a bad blogger — and an even WORSE picture-a-day blogger (which i hope to update soon too!!) we at least have a few good excuses… we decided on a place to move (which means we’ve been crazy trying to go through each room to throw out anything and everything that isnt moving with us in order to make packing easier!!) AND we had that nastiness around for a few days… so loyal bloggers– stay tuned! things may get a little crazy over the next few weeks trying to pack and all but at least we have brighter days ahead!! (ugh, the thought of packing, right!!!!)

here are a few shots for ya… dont you love it — they even have the colors the way i would have done them too!! so cozy! 🙂

thanks for keeping up with us despite the lack of love for ya!

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