a few random pictures for my bloggin’ friends!

things have been crazy between holiday shopping, finishing up the last of client orders and trying to get ready for our trip to florida!…

in the midst of it all I’ve been really trying to make an effort to capture the moments in my own family lately…

just for fun here are a few that I took over the last day or so…

yesterday at dinner… Praying (VERY DIRTY!!!) hands…

Remember my favorite neighbors…. i might like them a TINY bit less after this ‘GIFT’ they let Jackson borrow…. Santa. Cute right? no. NOT REALLY. It plays ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’….. and Santa shakes his hips dancing back and forth… it plays ON REPEAT. OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. DID I MENTION IT PLAYS ON REPEAT? unless you unplug it of course. which we do. until jackson realizes its NOT playing. he then brings Santa over to you until you plug it back in. The boy could be playing clear across the room and not want anything to do with Santa singing and dancing but as SOON as you turn it off — oh it starts RIGHT back up again…. D and Paul.. we love you but you might be getting a Secret Santa back PRETTY SOON! haha (just kidding!! its actually kind of cute.. and jackson does love it so we love it too… i swear.) 🙂

I give you ONE guess to Remember our beautiful REAL awesome christmas tree Jackson picked out… do you see it? yes, its in there, it just took on a new form of Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree. Between Jackson RAMMING his Pooh Bear airplane into the tree – throwing puzzle pieces as if he wanted them to hang on as ornaments – putting his head against it because he thinks its hysterical??? (weirdo!) — our beautiful little tree has turned into this………………..poor thing!

Play-dough Piggies!! I know I’ll look back at this one day and say ‘remember when…’ we’ve been playing playdough lately but jackson really doesnt like it??? what kid doesnt like playdough? that and finger paint?

Spent the morning baking some christmas gifts for friends….


mmmm… middle still….


and after a busy day……..saying our prayers before bed…

hope you’re enjoying the holidays with your loved ones!!!


  • Andrea - Aw- I love the picture of Jackson saying his prayers- that is so sweet!Our tree looks just like that too- I know we will always remember our toddler Christmas!

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