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Late night walks on the streets of our small town, counting the steps to the beach, sitting by the ocean or at the park talking about ‘when we are old and 30,’ wishing on stars, writing notes in school, daydreaming about the rest of our lives and how we will be sitting on a front porch drinking lemonade when we are grandmothers reminiscing about the ‘good old days..’ These are the threads that bind my best friend Kimmy and I. The laughter and the tears, the things that only we will remember, and all the stuff in between. I have been blessed with a friendship from childhood which has given me more than I could ever write in words but I will always be grateful in my heart for the gifts we have shared. My wish is that everyone gets to experience a friend like that. Who is always in your corner, who stands up for you when nobody else does, who leaves judgment at the door, who knows you better than you know yourself. We all need a girlfriend like that – a few in fact -I am forever grateful I have those girlfriends in my life.

When Kimmy told me she was pregnant again, I knew how much she really wanted a girl, but of course, she was quick to say, ‘its okay no matter what, really – just healthy and happy…………… but a girl would be fun!’… hehe… and so when we found out it was a girl, i was over the  moon for her that she could experience the same joys I have with an older brother both in my own life, and that Jackson is Molly’s older brother. I had no doubt, judging by she and her husband and her already adorable son, that this girl was going to be a beautiful baby girl too! She didn’t disappoint and blessed this with world with an angelic little face!  It was an honor to capture these fleeting moments with her..

Kimmy – I love you so much – No matter how many miles are between us – You will know we are never far apart! Thank you for sharing your beautiful children with me.. I can’t believe we used to dream about what our kids would be like and now we get to live it together. You are such an amazing friend -I’m so grateful to have you.

Much Love,




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