This sweet little lovebug celebrated her SIXTH birthday a few weeks ago! I swear we were just taking her newborn photos but somehow, time has passed so quickly she is now SIX!   In true fashion, her birthday party was beautiful and full of tons of giggles, sunshine and fun!  Between a make your own teddy bear and a very funny magician, Abby’s party was a big hit!


As always, thank you for sharing your birthday with me, sweet Abby! I am so grateful to watch you grow up — It is such an honor to document your parties every single year!


Can’t wait to see you guys again in the fall!

Big hugs and lots of love!


keri arbonne

A few months ago one of my soul sisters asked me to consider hearing about a new business.  Between running my photography studio and my Confidence and Mindset Coaching business daily, the thought of adding another business was almost laughable.  I initially shrugged it off with the old, ‘thanks but no thanks, it’s not for me,’ response.  She asked me to just have a conversation about it and I agreed.  What did I have to lose? I figured hey, it’s just a conversation.  I mean, after all, she was doing it and I knew that had to count for something. I’ll spare you the conversation details but I will tell you that very week I became an independent consultant before I had even tried the products.  After doing some research it was a no-brainer.

That was 2 months ago. If you have seen my Instagram or Facebook posts you have obviously seen that I have jumped in and joined an amazing team of beautiful women in this incredible company of Arbonne.  I have always had a pretty hard line against network marketing companies – they have just never felt right to me, until I was introduced to Arbonne.  I had never heard of the company before, but they have been around for over 35 years providing amazing safe, pure, beneficial, botanically based, anti-aging skin care, makeup, health and beauty products.

Over the years I have grown conscious of the type of foods we are and are not consuming.  I have done my homework on organic vs. non organic items.  I am a lover of essential oils and have been over the last 20 years.  I’ve known for years essential oils are absorbed quickly into the body through the skin, the largest organ of our body!  While I’ve been mindful of what goes IN our bodies, I have somehow missed the mark on considering what goes ON our bodies (and ultimately into our bloodstream!). After my initial conversation with my soul sister and hearing about a product line that is not only safe, pure and beneficial, I couldn’t walk away.

One of the biggest shifts for me was the fact that these are products I have to (or choose to!) use every single day.  Lotion, sunscreen, facial cleanser, make up, as well as protein powders, probiotics, and the list goes on.  Turns out the items I had been using that I thought were ‘natural’ weren’t very ‘natural’ at all.   Now that I’ve been using these products for the last 2 months, I have seen a dramatic difference not only in my skin (and the kids!) but I also feel different. I participated in the Arbonne 30 day detox program and it was amazing. It’s a 30 day hand-held program designed to remove the buildup of toxins in our bodies.

Since I had discovered a company that believes in self care from the inside out – it felt completely aligned with the rest of what I believe in.  My entire coaching practice is based around self-care.  My photography clients are always asking for make-up suggestions and looking and FEELING beautiful for their photos.  My kids have had skin issues most of their lives.  This company has given us answers and solved problems for us in ways I never knew existed.

So, as a Mama, a friend, a daughter, a soul sister, I will lovingly share my knowledge with you. I will not harass you, push you, pressure you or guilt you into hearing about this opportunity.  I am simply here to share the information I have discovered first hand. I am here to give you the same opportunity that was given to me.  I am here to support you in sharing with the people you love products that support your highest and best version of you, your family, or your kids.

How would it feel if you had the opportunity to use products that can change lives and the way you feel about your skin while being • Vegan-certified skincare • includes NO phosphates • no gluten • no petroleum • no phthalates • no animal testing (ever) • no benzene • no formaldehyde-donating preservatives • no SLS • no synthetic dyes • no talc • no triclosan • no TEA • no artificial flavors or sweeteners • no bisphenol-a • no carbon black • no mineral oil • and so much more!

From a business perspective this made so much sense as well! As a Creative I have to create everything I share.  This opportunity gave me a business in a box, an incredible team of support and unlimited personal development opportunities.  Who wouldn’t want to hand pick their co-workers while creating a business of residual income in a way that feels like a perfect fit?

You know my heart and you know I am here with love. If there is any bit of you that is interested in this, I would love to share it with you!  I have hosted parties at the Studio and at friends houses and it’s been so much fun.  We spend 2 hours or so chatting about products and hanging with friends – it’s like soul food if you ask me! Interested in hearing more or hosting your own party to receive amazing discounts and free products? Let’s connect – — Yes, you can order directly through the website without hosting a party but you can also receive discounts by hosting an Arbonne evening with friends so be sure to reach out if you’re looking for amazing opportunities to save! You can view all the products HERE.

Some of my personal favorites this month

Fizz Sticks  – Chocolate Protein Powder – Sunscreen – All my new make-up!

Do you remember your high school senior portrait? Was it in a studio just like everyone else’s, maybe with a cap and gown? Or did you have the luxury of showing a little personality, maybe with your car at the time or a favorite hobby piece? In our school we had to all go to the same studio – We did have the flexibility to wear what we wanted but that was it.  Cookie cuttered and all the same.


Most graduating classes these days have endless options! What an amazing time to document in their lives in a way that feels authentic to them!  Some students love the beach (who doesn’t in this area we live in!?) so we take their portraits at the beach! Some students love to hike so we take their portraits on some local trails.  What a beautiful way to document this time in their lives in a way that fits their personality and highlights their interests while using a beautiful artistic touch.  I wish our high school had let us do that! I think the yearbook would have had much more diversity!


While the high school graduates are enjoying their last summer before college – the incoming senior class is celebrating the last summer going into high school!  While we know it’s a busy time of year – it’s also the time that the incoming high school seniors can check one thing off their list! The school year fills up with fall sports and activities pretty quickly — we typically book 2-3 months out so if you have a high school senior looking for senior portraits – we highly recommend connecting sooner rather than later!


We spent yesterday off the grid with our toes in the sand. It’s my most favorite place to be in the whole world.  There is something about the beach and salt water that just shifts up my whole world.   I have to admit, the snowy cold winters are a distant memory once the warmer days come along!


Believe it or not, although we are enjoying summer camps, swimming pools, and sandy beach days, here at Keri Jeanne Photography, we are already booking into our fall months!  It’s hard to believe we are already looking at fall foliage sessions while there is still the scent of sunscreen on my hands, but before long it will be here already!


While I love the summer months, there is something magical about the colors of fall that steal my heart every time. This session from last fall is one of my favorites!  Having watched these boys grow up – every session we have together reminds me just how quickly time is passing!  Loved making these guys laugh and loved documenting these memories even more!


We will be sharing more sessions from last fall over the next few weeks to celebrate these beautiful families who had incredible family sessions!  If you are looking to book your own family sessions for the fall – now is the time!


We do have very limited summer dates available — if that is your jam, please reach out as soon as possible as our dates are almost booked up completely!


FOTH intro

Over the last 10 years I have built a business based on so much of my heart.  My clients become my friends, my friends become my clients, I watch families grow up, I watch kids go off to college, I become woven into family memories for a lifetime.  The heart-centered part of my business, the places that I feel the love from these families connection, the way parents can be brought to tears by something I have created for them is something that I don’t take lightly.  It is the reason my photography clients mean the world to me.  Families let me in for a little bit of their stories.  It’s an honor and a privilege.

As I have built this business, I have had to learn the ropes and figure out a lot of different challenges for the business side.  I have invested in educators and mentors who have given me great insight along the way, but I have also learned from the school of hard knocks a lot of valuable lessons.

Over the years, I have had other Creative entrepreneurs approach me about different business topics, ideas and strategies.  I’ve had countless coffee chats with other entrepreneurs who have creative businesses just to ‘talk shop’ and see where everyone’s at.   The common thread through this is that I love hearing about people’s businesses but most importantly, I love helping them uncover ways to be more successful and have more fulfillment in their lives.

About a year or so ago I decided to explore this undeniable calling in my own heart.  Something was tugging at my heart calling me to serve others.  Something was telling me, the dream I had as a little girl to become a teacher, a mentor, a support for people to follow their dreams – it was bubbling up again and there was no longer anything I could do to deny that!  I have joked my whole life, if I could be a professional cheerleader for people, I would!  Little did I know that is similar to an entire industry!

I actually hadn’t heard the word ‘coach’ in the business world – The role I was imaging for a ‘coach’ was always referred to as consultant or mentor, but as soon as I dipped my toes in the ‘coaching ocean’ I quickly noticed a significant difference.  What I have found is coaches help clients uncover their way while mentors help teach processes.  What I also noticed was a lot of fear in my own head about the idea about becoming curious around that profession!  There was a prominent discord when I first began exploring.

You see, I had made up a story in my head that a coach was somebody who always had a perfect life in photos and was always sharing the happy, glitzy, over the top, expensive lifestyle soaked in  a ‘you can do it too attitude.’ Yuck.  That is the furthest thing that I stand for and didn’t want any part of it.  While there are some people in the coaching world like that, turns out there are a lot that are not!  What I also know is under that veil these people were with supporting, helping, encouraging and lifting others up at least on some level,  so I wasn’t ready to walk away just yet.   After some digging and some discussion, it turns out that’s actually not even remotely close to what I believe a true coach actually is! It is my belief that a true coach is someone who use their unique gifts to help others live their best life – whatever that looks like!  An authentic and genuine support in the process of uncovering of dreams, desires and passions from a place of love and guidance. Ahhhh… Yes! That sums up how I feel about the personally redefined definition of a ‘coach.’

After doing some significant soul searching and investing in myself with one on one and group coaching programs,  I had finally found what feels like my truest self.  I believe we teach what we most need to learn and digging deep and uncovering a lot of my own insecurities is something I have had to invest a lot of energy in.  Having done the work and will continue to do the work, I feel called to share the journey with those who need my support.  I am so excited and incredibly humbled and honored to share with you the announcement of my new business launch.  Focusing on the Heart – Confidence and Mindset Coaching with Keri Gavin.

Please let me be clear, THIS IS NOT REPLACING PHOTOGRAPHY! This business actually goes hand in hand with my photography business as I am connected to other Creatives who may be experiencing similar struggles.  Graphic designers, builders, photographers, interior designers, writers, freelancers, bloggers, chiropractors, coaches, fitness instructors, artist etc.  we all have similar gremlins in the Creative world.  I want to bring you through the self doubt to solid confidence.  I want to remove the gremlins who steal your joy and replace them with sound courage that you are absolutely enough.

When you do the work and find your foundation in positive self worth and solid self confidence, you are operating from a place of being worthy of your success which causes movement, power and unlimited creativity!

I unquestionably believe the success of business is built on a healthy and strong mindset.  Without a sense of self worth, confidence and inner power, true lasting success will remain unstable.  I have walked through the fire and have learned how to quiet that inner mean girl. The one who wants to keep you playing small, staying in your unfulfilling routine, struggling, and settling.  This isn’t a once and done process either.  This is something that requires continued maintenance, everyday.  With the right tools and support you can take control of your life and begin to lean into the dreams, desires and passions that light you up.

With my help, I am confident you can achieve your deepest desires.  It is my greatest passion to watch others live their big dreams!  My mission is to help creative entrepreneurs reprogram their brains, feel enough and take inspired action through one on one coaching so that they can create the income, clients, and fulfillment they desire.  Are you ready?  Let’s connect!

F a c e b o o k   P a g e
N e w s l e t t e r   S i g n u p