bottle it up.

I wish I could bottle up this look.  It was a look that happened in an instant but stopped me in my tracks.  There is something about it that just looks like childhood to me.  I love how the sun is kissing his face as he is looking out the window. Maybe its because I was wondering what he was daydreaming about – or maybe it was that I knew just how excited he was — Whatever the reason, I love it. I’m even more excited I pushed the shutter over my shoulder – not looking through the lens to the backseat. sweet. (yes the sky was that blue!)

We were on our way to see Thomas Live! If you have a Thomas the train lover – GO SEE THIS! its so cute!  You may remember from here, we met Thomas last summer (and will be going again this summer if all works out!) so we weren’t sure if this was going to be boring or if he was going to love it but we decided to get tickets anyways.  
We made this a huge deal – it was a special Jackson, Mommy and Daddy night!  Molly was home with Mimi so Jackson had us all to himself – something he hasn’t had in a loooong time (6.5 months to be exact!)  We stopped at Bertucci’s for pizza (we even got to eat a hot meal!) – then headed up to the show which was a 45 minute drive away.  When we got there, we were running a bit late but we figured it wouldn’t start right at 6:30pm… We were wrong.  We walked in at 6:45 and it was already going on!  Right when we walked in the doors to the arena were open and Jackson was paralyized with excitement! He could.not.speak.  He was THAT excited! 🙂   Rick got our tickets and we headed into our seats… Since it wasn’t packed we moved a bit closer and sat in a row to ourselves.  Jackson was thrilled to be there – there wasn’t a second that he took his eyes off the stage.  They ask the kids to participate by chugging like Thomas, or blowing a whistle and his little face was priceless.  I brought my camera but I didnt bring it in because I thought they wouldn’t let me. WRONG. I so could have- BUM-MER.  next time for sure.  At least I have the memory of his little face sitting on my lap watching his favorite friend in the whole world on stage – as if he was talking to just Jackson.  It brought tears to my eyes to see his little face of wonder so excited – so intent on watching all the trains.  He is growing up so fast. Too fast. I want to bottle him up and keep him little forever.
My favorite quote of the evening… Just before intermission he looked over at us and said “Thanks for bringing me to see Thomas the train Mom and Dad, I wuv you.”… Bless his heart.
We love you too buddy.

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