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If you’re like me and have special place in your heart for dimples – don’t say I didn’t warn you.  These two have a pair of dimples that you just want to go pinch when you see them giggle!  Meet Will and MC.  Will is one of Jackson’s best friends from school.  We’ve had such a crazy Summer so far we haven’t even had a playdate yet – can you believe it!?  Needless to say, I was so excited with his Mom asked if we could do a session with the boys .. at least I knew I’D get to see them — Jackson? Well, he’d just have to wait 🙂 ha!  So without delay – meet these two adorable little faces… And trust me – it was SO hard to pick just a few to blog… I have so many favorites!

Check out MC  – What a big man!!

I love this face!  I love the way Mom’s make their kids laugh – There is nothing better!

This is a great opportunity to share something about cropping images.  I genearally have a tendency to prefer tightly cropped photos.  It’s just what I like.  I also like to play around to see if an image feels different when I crop it.  Take the following example.  I included the full version because I’m pretty sure this was one of the first times MC was up rocking on his knees!  I knew Mom was excited and it was a perfect moment to capture on camera!  BUT, when I was doing some editing, I realized just how much I liked a tighter crop on this particular photo.  Check it out here:

Does it feel different for you? It feels different for me… So cropping an image can change it a lot if you ask me! Just a little FYI on how  I see things 🙂  Carry on…

What a smile, right 🙂


So there is your sneak peak Jessie!  I hope you guys had fun – I know Jackson was very sad he didn’t get to see Will and MC but I promised him another playdate soon — So I hope you’re up for that!  🙂   It was so great to spend the afternoon with you guys – I hope the boys had dinner and gave you guys some quiet time – all that running around hopefully tuckered them out! We’ll be in touch soon…
Big Hugs!

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