busy weekend!

What a busy weekend!  It’s Tuesday and I’m just getting a chance to post about it! Seeing as I’m a few days late I’ll get right to it 🙂
Saturday morning we had an awesome breakfast party with the best neighbors in the world who we miss terribly!  Donna and Paul came over for some pancakes and sunshine!  As you can tell by the shots below  both Jackson and Molly were thrilled to have them here – as were Rick and I!  It has been WAY too long since we’ve seen them and it was so nice to have morning coffee, laugh together and catch up on all the latest gossip of the apartment complex!  Thank you guys for coming over – we cannot go so long between visits – that was just crazy!  We love you!!!
Hangin’ with Paul!

The best Donna playing “Choo-Choo’s” of course! 

Sunday we headed to Manchester to Mimi and Grampy’s to check out one of the holiday events – Santa on the firetruck!! Now I’m not sure if thats something that happens everywhere (but I’m guessing it doesnt!) I remember it from when I was little – but needless to say – its a sight to see!  Santa drives through town on the firetruck and throws all the kids boxes of animal crackers – Jackson was PSYCHED!  Not only did he get cookies but he didnt even have to sit on Santa’s lap! (We’re a little freaked out of Santa up close and personal!) 
Checking to make sure Santa was coming but wasn’t getting TOO close!

Trying to keep warm with giggles with Mimi and Grampy – it was FREEZING!

Hey Santa!

Jackson was yelling as Santa went by — “I’ve been a good boy!!! I would like the ROSIE TRAIN PLEASE!!!” It was one of the funniest things ever – he was trying to get the last word in as Santa drove by – Don’t forget that Rosie train Santa!

checking out the animal crackers!

“That was Awesome!”

See you next year Santa!

On a sidenote – we are SO excited only one more week until Uncle Randy – cousins Logan and Alyssa and Grams and Grandpa Pete arrive! And then just a few days later Aunt Shelly and Ryan visit too! We can’t wait to have everyone here to celebrate the holidays!!! 🙂
Happy Holidays – Only 8 more shopping days!!!!

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