Christmas review! picture overload!

Whew!  It was a busy week around here! We were so lucky to have Rick’s family here to celebrate the holidays with us – Grams, Grandpa Pete, Uncle Randy, Cousins Logan and Alyssa, Aunt Shelly and soon to be Uncle Ryan! (Shelly and Ryan just got engaged on the way out to Boston! YAY!!!!!) We had so much fun playing in the snow with Alyssa and Logan (since they are from Florida, they don’t get to do that!) making christmas cookies, having family dinners and we even had Molly’s baptism while everyone was still here! That’s all aside from the festivities of Christmas!  Here are a bunch of pictures of some of our events!
To all our family out of state- we love you- thank you for making the trip up – come back soon! Thank you to all our family here in Mass. for making everyone feel so welcome! We love you too!
And in an effort to be less critical of all my pictures I ventured into snapshot land to remember my family memories! after all thats why i love my family photographs!!! i barely even edited too — imagine!!!!
Christmas 2008
Just before everyone got here Jackson had a small class party at school – The Big Guy even made an appearance!  Jackson wasn’t too thrilled about it but Ms. Molly was! 
Ms. Molly with Santa – She loves him! Her shirt even says so!

Checkin’ out The Big Guy!

Grams and Grandpa Pete got Jackson and Molly the awesome L.L.Bean sled – When we pulled it out of the box we said – “Jackson, do you know what it is!?” and he said “YES! I DO know what it is… It’s a BOAT!” haha…. Well kind of buddy.. its a boat for the snow… and thats called a sled! Of course he had to try it out as soon he told him it goes in the snow!

Christmas eve Alyssa helped me make cookies for Santa and everyone snuggled up for the family tradition… New pajama’s and reading The Polar Express all together with milk and warm chocolate chip cookies!


There is something so Christmas-y about this picture! I just love it… (not to  mention Jackson usually HATES milk, so this is big!)

Alyssa enjoying her cookies!

Molly and Mommy on Christmas eve! (thanks Daddy for taking the picture!)

I have a picture like this of Jackson and I on his first Christmas – and now I have one of Molly too!

Checking out the Christmas Thomas – it goes by itself under the tree and even plays Jingle Bells when you push the bow!!!  Santa could have just left that and the day would have been a hit!

Showing Papa!

Tearing into the presents! (Thomas paper naturally!)

What a better way to start the day then a chocolate Santa! (And those of you who know me – that was HUGE since its considered such a big treat!!!) 

Melted chocolate hands – Silly boy!

mmmmmmm sticky cake!!! wouldn’t be Christmas without it!!!!

Grams and Molly all dressed up for Christmas Day!

Grams and Grandpa Pete with the bestest present of the year!

Aunt Shelly and the peanut!!!

Look at those good looking brothers!

The good looking brothers with the soon to be newest addition – Ryan!

Apparently the orange dino wanted some pancake too!

Uncle Randy and Cousin Alyssa.

Jack and Rick watching the snowball fight from inside – nice and warm!

Uncle Randy ready to fire!

Cousin Logan ready to hit back!

And of course Molly was in on the action!

Jack decided to venture out to the fun too…

Alyssa was throwing those snowballs pretty good for not having snow around in Florida!


  • Michelle Gavin - ah, so THAT’s where my “Sticky Cake” pan went! Looks like you got the recipe down!

  • keri - haha yep! remember we made it here a few weeks ago! luckily i just bought a pan of my own so you can have yours back! thanks for letting me use it – you’re the BEST aunty ever! 🙂 haha…

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