Connections. Keri Jeanne – Manchester by the Sea, MA family Photographer

This sweet Mom has been waiting patiently for her sneak peek!! Thanks so much for your patience Erin – So sorry for the delay! I drafted this just after our session and things have been so crazy I haven’t even had a second to put up the photos! But without further delay, here you go!

I feel like the world is shrinking. I think that’s what ‘they’ say, isn’t it?  You know, the old, wise people you say cliche things – Yeah them. Well I think they say the world gets smaller and smaller the older you get.. or maybe its something like when you grow up you see just how small the world really is? At any rate – whatever it is, it that rings very true for me – The older I get the more connections I see  – the more connections I make – the more connections show up in my life. 

A few weeks ago at the Manchester festival by the Sea I met Erin. She and her brother stopped by my display and wanted to book a session for their parents while all their family was in town for the weekend. The following weekend. That’s almost near impossible this time of year as weekends book quick but I just so happened to have a client reschedule their Saturday evening time — So lucky for them!  We chatted for a bit – filled out all the necessities and set the date and time.  I (and I think, Erin as well!) prayed for no rain as it was only a very very limited window – 24 hours or so – that we could get this session in and I was already booked for Sunday afternoon! Saturday arrived and it was getting fairly dark – I refused to give in to thinking it was going to rain (while cautiously preparing Erin at the same time,) but – I’m happy to report, in true New England fashion – the weathermen were wrong and no thunderstorms came through!

With just a few hours before our session Erin and I were in touch regarding the weather and while I was reviewing who was going to be at our session I realized I actually knew Erin’s brother! Her younger brother Brendan was one of my older brothers best friends growing up. We all know how the ‘big brothers friends’ go and the younger sister always wants to hangout with them.  I was surely part of that and wanted to hangout with the boys for sure.  I mentioned to Erin that I actually know her family but we had probably never met as I’m the youngest of the bunch – I did know her parents and one of her brother.. So I showed up to what felt like a comfortable place – I couldn’t believe it! It was like walking into being 6 years old again.  I’m pretty sure I have pictures of being at my brothers birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese with Brendan and I absolutely remember my brother and Brendan pushing me up… no, dragging me up, to be near the creepy Chuck-E-Cheese character… Thanks Brendan!  No wonder why I hate any kind of dressed up character!   

At any rate – We had a really fun session with the entire family! It is always so much fun to see some familiar faces – and even more fun when its been years since you’ve seen each other! The rain held off and the sun was out – we even got to head to the beach for more than half our session. It really was a great evening.


Erin – Phil and the rest of your family – Thank you for spending the evening with me. I had such a great time photographing your memories. We will be in touch as soon as the rest of your gallery is up!

Much Love,

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