Details of a Newborn Session

Congratulations and thank you for choosing Keri Jeanne Photography to photograph the most fleeting stage of your child’s life … the first few weeks. Below, I have enclosed the information pertaining to a newborn session in your home. It is my hope that you will find this information helpful as you prepare for our session together. If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask.

I joke with my clients when scheduling a newborn session to call me on your way to the hospital!  Although I am joking there is a bit of truth to that! It is best to tentatively schedule your newborn session while you are still pregnant for within the first 2 weeks of birth -the younger the baby the better since they are more likely to sleep through us moving and repositioning him.  The newer they are they are more likely to ‘bend’ into positions that are fitting for newborns as well. This session usually lasts between 1-3 hours to allow for breaks for mom, feedings, rocking to sleep, diaper changing’s etc.  This is often done in the baby’s room or another part of your house, but again, can be done anywhere you want it to be!

Newborns love to be warm and cozy, but who doesn’t love those adorable photographs of a newborn in their birthday suit? I highly suggest that an hour before I arrive for our session you raise the heat in your home so that your little one is
comfortable. Comfortable babies sleep, and a lot of the poses that I try with the little ones look ideal with sleeping babies. No need to worry, I love awake babies, too. I will sometimes use a little heater that blow warm air to heat a room –
that has always done the trick.

*If possible try to feed your baby before I arrive so that he or she has a full tummy -I prefer to shoot most of my newborn sessions in little or no clothes, please undress him/her and loosen the diaper, then wrap your baby in a blanket, and
feed him/her. Otherwise, your baby may get upset at being undressed when they were so cozy. I love portraits of newborns in their natural skin.  There is something so beautiful about the softness and sweetness of newborns.

*I do like to photograph a newborn mostly in little clothes, but feel free to lay out a few outfits that you may want him or her in. I will advise you in what would photograph best, if you wish. Please note that many clothing changes may make
your little one upset, so it is best to limit to one or two changes.

*I often use the parents as backdrops for baby, so please wear a black top and black pants (if possible). Mom and dad are welcome to join for pictures with baby of course!  I have a few ideas of Dad with baby and would love an adventurous
Dad to participate! I promise it will be worth it!

*There is no rush with a newborn session. I like to give special attention to each client, especially newborn sessions. I do not mind waiting for you to nurse or change baby, and I encourage you to take a break to soothe your baby. Just
remember to relax!  A crying baby doesn’t fluster me – Just pretend I’m not there and comfort them as needed.

*When doing poses where the baby is undressed, it is normal (and okay!) for him or her to “relieve” him or herself on my backdrop … or anywhere else. I can assure you this happens all the time and I am not upset or offended. Please keep
on hand some baby wipes and a towel. After each newborn session I launder all of my backdrops and other items the baby comes in contact with.

I look forward to sharing in your family memories!  Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

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