do you believe in fate friends?

Do you believe in fate friends? You know – friends that you were meant to be friends with? I do. I’ve seen it 1000 times over in my life.  Every friend I have (and yet to have) I think has a purpose in my life.  What  a gift, don’t you think?  I think every friend you are given is for a reason – a blessing – a lesson.  I think we all have so much we can share and so much we can give. I think that is what makes special friendships – the ability to have an honest relationship and open your heart to someone else to help teach them something, learn something from them, or maybe even to go through some sort of event together.  Whatever the reason – there isn’t a single person in my life that I take for granted. 100% true.
Having said all that – I want to tell you about my friend Keri.  Yep, you read that right, her name is Keri too – even spelled the same way. Fun fact #1.  Fun fact #2 — we are both Moms. More fun facts … At the time we met, we both lived in the same town. We were both getting into photography, we were both teachers of 1st grade, we both HATED our photography teacher. (Ha!)  The more we got talking, the more we realized just how many things – big and small  – we had in common. It was almost a little bit scary but really cool at the same time (if that makes sense!)  We decided to take another class together – a Photoshop class.. I think we talked more during that class then we actually listened (No wonder why I had t relearn Photoshop!) but it was awesome for our friendship.
As time passed I got more into my photography and Keri found herself with less and less time for it.  She loves it and has a dream to use it one day but life had different plans for her at that time so she carried on teaching and welcoming her second baby girl into the world! Remember this little face?

So naturally after her sweet baby girl was born – I told her she had no choice but to let me come over and take some pictures.. graciously she agreed – good things because I was going to do it anyways. 🙂 We snapped away and even made her adorable birth announcement from that shoot.  There isn’t a session that goes by without having a few favorite moments — a favorite moment from that session — Big sister Ava was holding sweet baby Maddy.. Just as I was snapping that shutter her face went from big smiles to a look of horror — “SHE PEED ON ME!”… Bless her heart, the poor thing took it so personally she couldn’t even believe her sister peed on her! How dare this 2 week old little babe!  It was too funny… I think the rest of the session was a bit shaking – for fear it would happen again! 🙂
Back to Keri. So if you know Keri you know she likes to talk. Not only likes to talk but loves to make people laugh and OH is she good at it.  Her stories are hysterical and often make me laugh outloud.  Most days I can’t believe the stuff that happens to her is real – either that or the exact same things has happened to me! She even started to blog about it — You should follow her- I promise when you’re having one of ‘those’ days…Keri will make you laugh!  Check here out here: “Does this happen in your house?”
So lucky for me, my good friend is a talker- also lucky for me she knows A LOT of people. I believe that a good majority of the success of my business rests on the shoulders of Keri.  Without a doubt.  The amount of referrals she has sent me has been a truly blessing.. One I don’t know how to thank her for!  The kind words of encouragement have been so helpful especially when I second guess myself. And of course, her laughter is what I can always count on after a long night of editing.
So having said that- I was looking through some old files the other day when I came across Keri’s daughters last session.  See the three blogged favorites to remind you:

After looking through those images I just wanted to give my girl a shout out! To tell everyone who will listen how awesome it is to have a fate-friend. A forever friend. I wouldn’t be where I am without her.
Keri, Thank you is such a simple phrase but I hope you know how very much I appreciate all you’ve shared with me. From motherhood advice to support to laughter.  You’ve been such a good friend and I just wanted you (and everyone else) to know how much I appreciate you in my life.  You are awesome and I can’t wait to see what other memories we’ll make!  Lots of love and hugs girl.. oxox

  • Keri D - OHHH MYYY GOD!!! Keri, that is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me! And the funny thing is, I feel the same way about you – it was fate that we are friends, no doubt! You are an inpsiration to me – but you know that! (cause I tell you all the time!) You know what’s funnier…not sure if you know this or not…but last night when I had nothing to blog about….I told people to read your blog instead! LOL Awesome…now people will see THIS and think I sent them here to this blog to read some more about me!!! how frickin funny is that. LOVE YOU!!!

  • keri - hahahah too funny!! i didnt see your post from last night – been trying to catch up on life, work, home whatever but im failing miserably! so i havent read the last few entries on your blog.. now i cant wait! hahaha thats a riot – see — fate friends! 🙂

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