Do you ever see your future?

I swear I’m giving gifts every so often when I am given a glimpse into my future. I’m sitting at Panera doing some work when this elderly couple comes and sits down just across the way from me in the big comfy chairs. The sit together drinking coffee, looking out the window together, holding hands, just enjoying the time together. The gentlemen makes his wife laugh at just about every other sentence – they say hello to people passing by or cleaning around them. After finishing their coffee’s they get up – he helps her up – and they clean up and as they leave, he opens the door for her still letting her go first!

I swear that will be my life one day. When the kids are grown up and its just me and my best friend to enjoy time together. I know we’ll do that kind of stuff – especially if it involves coffee!

I’m just grateful I made the best decision of my life on January 21, 2006.

I love you Rick.


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