Family Lovin’

A few days ago we got up, made a big breakfast and just hungout in our jammies as a family! I love mornings like that. No emails, no phone calls, no ‘to-do’ lists, no rushing out the door. just hanging out, the three of us, as a family.

We were reading books in jacksons room together on the floor. His room gets such awesome light I had to grab the camera for a few quick shots!

We are at the stage that Jackson knows EXACTLY what he wants but just can’t verbalize it as well as he wants to.. so we get the ‘point and grunt’ instead! He understands SO much and is starting to even be a little sneaky 😉 little booger….

Anyways- after reading with Rick on the floor he went over to his dresser – looked up and on his tippy toppy tip toes he pointed and grunted to the picture of him and Grams! We don’t get to see Grams and Grandpa Pete as much as we think about them since they are in Florida but we do love to talk about them and call on the phone. Jackson was just too cute looking at these pictures of Grams giving the picture frame kisses and everything – we had to share them so Grams and Grandpa Pete could see just how much Jackson loves and miss you!!!!

Can’t wait to see you soon!!

We love you….

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