First day of Spring = A perfect day for a shiny new blogsite launch! | Keri Jeanne Photography

Oh. My. Word.  I am excited!

TA-DA!!!  It’s HERE!!!

Well, we may have had a snowstorm in Boston again yesterday, but today – today is the first day of SPRING! In honor of that, I thought I would launch my fresh new blogsite! Fitting for a time of new beginnings, wouldn’t you say?

This blogsite (website/blog combined) has been a labor of love – let me tell you! I have been trying to get this up for quite some time now and I have to admit, not only am I thrilled with it, but it made me realize a ton about my previous blogging! Oh you know, like how little I actually blog! I didn’t even finishing the 12 days of Giving I did in December, for example!  Ha! I have in my head that I post frequently when in fact – I actually don’t …….well that’s not entirely true.  I come home from sessions and write up my blog posts while families and kiddos are fresh in my mind.  I write about the session, funny things that happened, where we were etc… the problem is that I was getting so busy that my blog posts were never actually getting the images up that went along with the write up! So …. the posts never got published! What a slacker, I know! Sounds like even a little bit of a cop-out, but I swear I have a lot of unpublished entries.  BUT the exciting news is – Here on this shiny new pretty blog, I have actually added my galleries of some recent work! I know, crazy.  The even more craziest part is I also realized, that I somehow never added galleries to my previous websites?  – and clearly forgot about the ‘galleries coming soon’ image that was up for … oh… I don’t know… years!? Whoops! Some photographers are great about updating their website images to recent work.  Some photographers are great at blogging often as well. I had big aspirations for both those things but somehow I never got there.

My biggest complaint with my previous blog was the interface was confusing and irritating and really turned me off from wanting to use it as often as I’d like.. but the happy news is – NOT THIS ONE! I am like a pro on this one (especially since I was almost finished with my design last week when I deleted the whole thing and had to start from scratch all over! — again, whoops!)

Anyways – Yes. I am excited. I am so happy to have a handful of recent work actually updated for new clients to view. I am thrilled to be adding more previous gallery images as well as new ones as I take them! This new format is incredibly user friendly. So clean. So fresh, I’m in love.  I will probably be tweaking galleries, images, and content for a little while, but I’m too excited not to start using it so while I work it out – I wanted to share it with all of you too!

So – Here we are. Not looking back at all the ‘didn’t get done’ things.. only looking forward to all the things that are coming down the line.  This Spring and into Summer is already looking like it’s going to be amazing.

Thank you for being here. Please stick around – There are some social media links to help you stay connected. There will be much more consistent blogging and a lot more conversations. Be sure if you subscribe – subscribe with your email or if you’d like to sign up for our newsletter list you can do so right on the slide-bar to the left — Remember if you use Google Reader – it won’t be around after the summer! Don’t get cut off!

Look forward to hearing from you and seeing so many beautiful faces soon.


Keri Jeanne

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