First snowfall – Christmas Spirit

This morning we woke up to our first snowfall of the season!  That surely makes it feel like Christmastime! Christmas is my favorite holiday – it’s my favorite time of year hands down.  I love everything about it – the hustle and bustle of people holiday shopping – the crisp cold air – the chance to treat strangers with kindness with it seems people need kindness the most – the look on children’s faces when you ask them about Santa Clause – the belief in magic – the innocence it brings out in people – and most of all the spirit of giving — not of material things really but of the spirit of giving from your heart – i love the gift we are given at this time of year to really stop and think about those we love and are grateful for – at least thast what I do around this time of year… I am grateful for every single one of you who reads my blog!  You are important to me and you help me grow everyday – Thanks for being out there caring about our family and my passion.. it means the world to me.  Those are a few reasons why I love Christmas time..Oh and I love watching “A Christmas Story” on 24 hours a day on Christmas eve! .. And last but not least of COURSE christmas morning!  I am SO SUPER excited to see Jackson’s face this year – he’s just starting to get Santa (although he’s terrified of him in stores and at parades!) and I know next year he’ll REALLY get it – but I cannot wait to see his face and hear what he has to say when he opens his gifts from Santa!  On top of that all of Rick’s family is coming in and cousins Logan and Alyssa will be here to celebrate with us too!
I digress– Back to the snowfall…  Last year Jackson was too small to really remember snow I think so when I was getting him dressed this morning I said, ‘Hey buddy, its snowing outside! Like in Frosty the Snowman, its snowing here too!’ (Frosty has become our FAVORITE bedtime book at the moment.. not only reading but SINGING it!)  So we finished up getting him dressed and he ran into the living room over to the window… just as I walked into the living room with enough time to pick up my camera, I heard in a whispers… ‘wow… it’s called snowing!’… and then I saw this:

precious moments like that are what I always want to remember! (And check out our cool gel snowflakes on our window!) The first snowfall he really understands – and I’m sure next year he’ll really remember what snow is but this year, for the first time, I could see the wonder in his eyes as he truly experienced one of the Earth’s beautiful gifts.  There’s something magical about snow – (despite the FREEZING-NESS, wet feet, frostbite and runny noses!) there is something peaceful and serene that feels like you’re in another place.. I’ve always loved watching the snow fall – It was such a gift to see Jackson’s eyes light up each time he ran to the window to see the snow still coming down.. I wish I grabbed the camcorder!!
This is what one of the trees in the backyard looked like as we had breakfast.. we only got a few inches – nothing to worry about – didn’t even stick on the roads but it made for a very cool looking backyard of woods!

After the excitement of the snowfall the excitement of ‘The Polar Express’ took over – needless to say – someone has a new favorite movie!  Again, if only you could hear him say it – ‘Polarexess’ i think it is.. too funny!  (Don’t you love our tree! For some reason all our ornaments keep moving around the bottom… hmmm…. little hands can reach those!! and how cool is our Minnie Mouse!  That’s from Ms. Donna who was sweet enough to give it to Jackson last Christmas when he was just getting into Mickey Mouse! Another favorite thing… the smell of Christmas trees.. mmmmmmm (love my Yankee Candle wreath scent!) haha…)

And last but not least – the little ladybug.. She’s growing up so fast and I feel like everday is filled with a few more gifts from her too!  More smiles, more cooing, growing bigger and stronger everyday.   I can’t believe she’ll be 9 weeks soon – I feel like she was just born!  Tonight as Rick was giving her her bottle before bed I walked by and a little piece of my heart melted when I saw this….

When I am nursing she grabs tight onto the collar of my shirt – as if I’m going to go anywhere – but for some reason I love the way she does it – A feeling of security – or closeness – or something… Whatever it is, it makes me smile.  Tonight when I glanced over and saw this it made me smile for Rick.  She grabs his finger just like she does on my collar.  I can’t speak for him, but maybe it brings him a smile like it does for me – the feeling that she is so cozy and some comfortable she griped his finger to hold him a little tighter..a little extra love for Daddy!
Rick and I have been talking about so many of the funny things Jackson’s been doing lately  – I really want to write them down and I’m hoping I get some time to blog them tomorrow.. 
Until then – Happy Sunday – Hope you’re holiday shopping isn’t too crazy!!
Stay warm,
Keri xoxo 

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