so this house hunting has turned out to be much more frustrating then we ever wanted. we’ve looked at some places that REALLY just weren’t our fit but todays showing takes the cake..

you are wondering why a ladder is pictured above right? well thats because when we got there…(after driving by the house 3 times because that house COUDLNT be the one we’re going to look it… oh but it was!) we were greeted by the owner who informed us that we’d have to CLIMB A LADDER in order to see the house since they were putting on a new porch that the previous tenants had destroyed?? HOW do you destroy a porch?? HOW do you let tenants live there for 9 months without paying rent? Apparnetly she had let both happen and was now paying the price… So its back to the drawing board… and frustration continues.. We have found one place we like … we dont LOVE it… but we like it… so how do you know? how do you decide whats okay … seeing that im a libra and THE MOST INDECISIVE PERSON EVER (ask my poor husband!) we’re at some crossroads on how to decide where to go from here.

having said that — if those of you around us know of any places for rent – a single family house for rent – as we want to buy the end of next year – PLEASE let us know… 3 bedrooms please 🙂

ugh, back to the search… any suggestions?!

so frustrating.

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