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Last Sunday evening was a gift. If you’ve been a follower of mine, you know I believe in everything happening for a reason. There are no accidents, no coincidences, just events full of purpose. Last Sunday was one of those times that I have no doubt served a purpose for me. I had such a beautiful shoot – Two people who really love each other and a great location. But, for some reason, there was just something magical about this session for me. Perhaps the light, perhaps my subjects, but for whatever reason something just clicked and I just felt so excited.  Lately things have been so crazy – days are blending together and I’m hardly able to even keep up. But, last Sunday, when everything just lined up for so many reasons I was reminded just how much I love my job. I am so incredibly lucky to love what I do. I am so incredibly lucky to share in the special moments between two people – to give them the gift so they can see how the rest of the world sees their happiness. For that, I am grateful.  

Steven and Matt are family. Steve is my stepmom Holly’s nephew, and Matt is his husband, but that’s not why they are family. They are family because they have two of the kindest hearts I know. They are two of the most hard working and dedicated people I’ve ever met. Two of the most genuine spirits I’ve been lucky enough to be around. So, when they told me they would be in town from New York this weekend and asked  if I had any time this week to photograph them (since they’ve never had any professional photos taken, ever. Craziness, I know!!!) I absolutely knew I had to fit them in! Lucky for them I had another client switch out to an earlier time and things fell into place.

So, Matt and Steve – Thank you. Thank you for reminding me of my passion, of the honor I am given, of the gift I am able to share in. Thank you for spending your evening with me. Thank you for being open and trusting enough to let me capture your life together. I am so happy to call you family!

We will be in touch soon. 

Much Love,


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