I sit here tonight listening to the giggles of my 3.5 year old little man and his amazing daddy coming from a bedroom where that little man is supposed to be LONG asleep.  I sit here tonight remembering the face of the Ladybug as she wobbley (yes I made up that word!) walked her way across the room and giggled her face into her daddys chest.  I sit here tonight writing drafts of blog posts that will be coming of the changes we are making to our business together. I sit her tonight grateful for an amazing husband, father, best friend, business partner, supporter, giver.  How I got so lucky, I don’t know, but I do know I am grateful and give thanks every day I am alive. And just so I don’t forget, a few favorite moments and quotes from the day…
Jackson says to Rick as soon as they are awake this morning “Dad, why don’t girls and Mommy’s think toot toots are funny? Only boys do?”
Molly sat under the table picking up toys at Rick’s feet and whispered, “Da-da” while she handed him toys she isn’t supposed to play with.
Jackson sat on the couch after his bath and said “But Dad, my eye aren’t getting heavy yet, can we just watch another show?”
Molly climbed on our bed and did ‘the worm’ all the way to the end where Rick was blocking her and she just cracked up laughing on his face.
Jackson and Molly were in the bath and the two of them were belly laughing as they splashed as much as they could (while I was having a fit internally because water was OUT OF CONTROL!) Rick just joined their giggles and encouraged it like a awesome Daddy!
Jackson asked if he could sit between us tonight and said “Mom, Dad, I love our whole family…”
We love you and Molly too, Jackson David.
What’s a post without  a picture… One of the ladybug from a playdate the other day.. (taken with Heathers new Canon Rebel!! – Totally stole this off her facebook! Thanks Girl!)

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