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Although I believe I have the greatest job in the world (giving families the gift of their memories to have forever – how amazing, right!) – But, there is one other job that is even better.. being a Mom.
As we all know, I think being a Mom is an incredible honor and blessing.  Although there are many important amazing jobs out there, I think being a Mom the most important job in the world.    I think it is nothing short of a miracle when a baby is born. I think it is such an honor to be trusted with these little souls that you are responsible for – to grow, to teach, to learn from, to leave the world a better place.  Amazing, isn’t it!
Now, just because its amazing doesn’t mean it’s easy. Truth be told, its THE HARDEST job on the planet really.  This quote was given to me when I was a nanny but it translates to the role of a mommy as well, don’t you think?
What is a Mom: activities director, teacher, dresser, beautician, nutritionist, chef, hygienist, janitor, nurse, dramatic reader, performer, entertainer, costume maker, arts and crafts instructor, dance partner, chauffeur and stroller-pusher, personal shopper, secretary, historian, detective, confidant, companion, counselor, coach, bodyguard, self-defense instructor, tutor, cheerleader, appreciative, audience, hugger, boo-boo kisser, potty trainer, learner, listener, helper, peace keeper, lifelong influence, shaper of the future. 
I bet all you Moms out there agree, don’t you? – AND you Dad’s should be nodding your head yes as well! 🙂
So why the gushy post about being a Mommy – Well to have a giveaway of course! Thats right – a giveaway for a Mommy who deserves it!  I know how fast these days with my little ones go – Somedays I just want to bottle it up and keep them this way forever… At least with my photographs I can do that… and now, you might be able to also!
The Rules:
* One entry per person. no double entries punks! ***But your friends and family can enter too!
* You must enter a comment in the comment box below.  It has to relate to being a Mom.  Tell me    
  something funny – tell me what you think is the greatest thing about being a Mom – tell me the
  hardest thing about being a Mom – Tell me something about YOUR Mom (or Mom of your kids!)  that
  makes her the best –  tell me SOMETHING about being a Mom! 
* Entries must be received by Friday, May 9th at 12:00pm (noon) EST.
* Winner will be announced Saturday, May 10th (Just in time for mothers day!)

What do you win:
* A FREE SESSION (up to 4 people – a $200 value)
* A $400 print credit
* A Slideshow set to music of all images
* A low-res copy of all images for web/blog/facebook display! 

(This session can be used for a family session, newborn session, or child(ren) session – It’s the session of your choice!)
One a sidenote — For all of those of you who are wondering what to get Mom for this Mothers day – Gift certificates for photographs of the kids or the entire family is always perfect! Contact me for specific questions –
Happy Contest Entering! 🙂  Don’t forget to tell your friends and family to comment and enter as well!
Much Love

  • Brooke Holland - the best part of being a mom is the “i wuv you”. the smile and look in their eyes when i walk into a room. i light up their world! the hugs and the kisses. i never want them to grow up either! bottle it up forever please! 🙂

  • Desiree Sargent - One of my greatest memories as a new mom…
    My daughter was about 5 weeks old & I was rocking her back to sleep after one of the many middle of the night feedings. She was awake, just starring up at me with her big beautiful blue eyes, and I was so overcome with emotion that tears of joy just started running down my face. We sat there and rocked while I whispered the ways in which she touched my heart, I told her how much I absolutely adored her, I pondered the many things she will accomplish, and I promised her that I will be her rock each and every day of her life. After some time, she was sound asleep, of course. But, I will always cherish this memory as our first “heart to heart”, just little Soph and her mummy.

  • Jenni Athanas - I began my day this morning at 5:58 as the first of my four amazing children climbed in my bed. One by one they came, cuddled, kissed. Their eyes twinkled with the excitement of a new day and the pure, unconditional love of a child. I smiled as I enjoyed the fullness of my life and the calm before the storm of the daily chaos. As it is again and again, I start my day at the bottom of a pile of arms, legs, and tiny toes. Some days I feel as though I never emerge from the bottom of the pile. Yet, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

  • Carolyn D'Amato - Being a Mom has always been my dream…and I always thought I knew how much I would love it…being pregnant I thought I could tell then how much I would love him…and then those first few hours I thought I knew…
    Nothing can prepare you for the overwhelming feelings of motherhood…
    I had never experienced disappointment like I did when they told me they had to take him to the special care nursery just after delivering him…but in that moment I knew for the first time how it felt to put him first…as much as I needed/wanted him with me he had to go, my little hours old baby 🙁
    Laying in bed with my new little family, Jimmy only a few weeks old, my husband asked “was it worth it, all the nausea and throwing up for 8 months…the shots when you were in preterm labor, the labor pain, diapers, spit-up, crying…do you really want more?” and I just started to cry…of course he was worth it…and of course I want more…He cant talk or give me hugs or kisses yet, but I love him more then I ever knew I could…and who knew it would make me love my husband that much more to see him love that little baby too.
    The absolute terror I felt the day I had to bring him to the hospital when he couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t fix him…all I could do was apologize and tell him over and over I loved him and I was sorry, I should protect him, I should be able to fix anything and my little 13wk old was struggling so hard and the only thing that kept him quiet was being in my arms.
    but the smile that lights up his face is the most amazing thing in the world to see…esp at 3 am 🙂 and every day I love him more, everything is the biggest and best accomplishment, he can smile…he can laugh…he sits up…and he is only 4 months old!!
    The best thing about being a mom is being Mom…

  • Wendy - For me, the best part about being a mom is, sitting in silence, saying nothing, and enjoying the unspoken bond that just is.

  • Kristen Russo - Being a mom is truly the most amazing, most beautiful gift in the world. To wake up every morning to my son’s “cheeky” little smile, the hugs and kisses, all of the exciting “first’s”, the 10 min talks in toddler lingo that only we moms can understand, there’s just nothing else that can compare!

  • Heather Mastrangelo - There is no way to narrow down what the “best” thing about being a mom is. It cannot be described with one sentence, story, expression, gesture or word. Being a mom is having that empty place I didn’t even know was there filled. Everyday is a new adventure where happiness is constantly reinvented. From smiles to hugs to kisses to hearing your child say every night before they go to bed “I love you more than anything else in the whole wide world.” and to wake up to them saying “Lets snuggles” Seeing the world through the eyes of a child allows a better appreciation for the things in life that are truly important. Being a mom never gets old. Everyday is a new adventure. Being a mom is knowing I would never trade it for anything else in the universe.

  • Christine Surette - I have two of the greatest jobs in the world. I am first and foremost a mom. Being a single parent is an incredibly hard job but one that I would not trade for anything. I am a responsible for three little amazing people. My actions directly affect what kind of people they turn out to be.I take great pride in my job as a mom. I am secondly a NICU nurse. I feel that I am a surrogate mom to all those babies who started life behind the eight ball. I am a stand in for all those weary, frightened, guilt ridden moms who force themselves to go home and shower, or spend time with their other kids. I promise them that I will care for their babies like they were my own. I have seen families in their darkest hours and then I see them walk out of the hospital into the bright sunshine of a second chance. People ask me “how can you do that job”. My response is always the same ” I love my job, but it is just that, a job, and at the end of a long night shift I am greeted at the front door by my beautiful, vibrant kids. I thank God everyday that I did not have to experience any of the challenges that my NICU kids do. The most honorable title I have ever earned was Mom.

  • Bethany - The miracle of giving life…after all of the morning sickness, exhaustion and worry, the moment that life takes a breath is a gift from above. I have been the recipient of a miracle three times, and I am in awe of the miracle that each of my children are……..

  • kelly heney - I have 4 boys. I have watched them pull down their pants and pee in the front yard, I have cleaned poop out of the urinal, I have watched them “wrestle” over toys, the tv remote and food, I soak 4 pairs of filthy feet each night during the summer, I frog hunt, crab and dig for earthworms, I know the names of the Transformers, Pokemon and Bakugan characters, I cringe as I watch death defying stunts performed on my furniture, swingset and area playgrounds and I have made more than one trip to the ER. I have 4 boys and I wouldn’t want it any other way!!! Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Emily Cote - the best thing about being a mom is being kissed by your little one: the sound, the touch and the look. it melts my heart.

  • Daddy B. - A dad’s view of mom. Mom definitely takes on more of the stress when it comes to parenting. You can throw in the stressful job, a tough pregnancy and then the human nature of worrying about our baby girl Brooke every day. But the amazing things is that it’s not all the things she does that makes her mom it’s the site of Mom coming home and the excitement in both her eyes and Brooke’s eyes and I know that there is nothing better. I know she feels all this excitement but if she could see herself from my side she could only just sit there and smile. That’s being Mom. All the hard things in life get left at the door and there is just that thing that they have. Happy Mamma’s Day

  • Kierstin - We waited 4 long years for what I didn’t realize I had waited my entire life for. Nicholas George, you are my purpose in life, thank you for choosing us. I love you to the moon & back again.

  • Jennifer Machain - Keri & Rick, Happy that you both are in the ranks of “crazy parenting”! Enjoy each step as you have already enjoyed those with my family. Molly & Jackson are very lucky munchkins to have you both! Lots of love!

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