Happy 4th of July (weekend)

Super exciting weekend with the holiday celebrate and all!
Uncle Randy is visiting for the weekend which makes Jackson super excited to have a buddy to drag around everywhere playing all kinds of toys!
Aunty Kimmy came down to hang with us too.  Despite the rain, we spent the 4th of July at a family friends house to watch the annual Manchester Parade.  Jackson was very excited to see all the fire trucks from the surrounding towns and cities.   I was worried he’d be scared at how loud it was going to be but he loved it!  Check out how excited he was and how mesmerized he was as the fire trucks past!

We got up this morning and headed to the Beverly Airport since its one of Jacksons favorite places to visit too!  He loved showing Uncle Randy all his favorite planes!

Then we headed to get a haircut which Jackson needed so bad… Seeing as he’s screamed his face off every other time I was a bit worried but we talked it up once we were in there and lucky for us he GIGGLED the whole time!! Imagine!?!? I was SHOCKED! But he actually thought it tickled — I was thrilled we got an entire haircut – not just the few snips we can get while he usually screams!! So that was great 🙂 And it only took two lollipops not 20 like usual! haha!

Off to do more playing for this fun filled weekend… 🙂

  • Fed - Hey Keri, sorry long time no blogging/commenting we are super busy and trying to catch up. I’m flying through everyones blogs right now and saw your awesome new blog! Congrats!
    I hope you had an awesome 4th! I was sick so not so fun here. But we had some fun times with our Nephews the whole week before that. I’ll be posting a big catchup soon.

  • David - don’t let the Dentist (aka sophie) see him with those lollipops 🙂

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