I *heart* David Jay

Who is David Jay you ask? An amazing person, mentor, friend, photographer. Probably in that order. Do I know him personally, no. Well, if you consider reading up about him and his work and all he does for other people, getting to know someone – then yes, I know him quite well, but I had the pleasure of actually meeting him in person yesterday at a convention he spoke at.

Blown away. Really.

I know his work and I know what he stands for, but hearing him speak was like a breath of fresh air. I think what I love most about his style is that he is honest. Genuine. Sincere. He listens to you and wants to know what you’re doing, how he can help you, what can make things better.

He spoke about important things in the photography industry, how he does things, how he thinks things should be done etc. I think one of the most important things that stuck with me was about putting yourself out there. About letting people get to know you and get to see who you are as a person and not just that you like to take pretty pictures. David believes your website should be about YOU and not your portfolio. Anyone can put pictures up, but nobody else is like you. I love that – I love how important that point is. To all of my future clients, I want them to get to know me, to relate to me, to see me as me to be comfortable. To all my past clients, I want them to come back and feel at home as if we were just chatting the day before. I love relationships – I love meeting people – I love being so blessed as to have this chance to share in people’s memories. If I am going to be sharing in some of the most intimate parts of people’s lives, I feel I owe them the openness I expect from them to give them the pictures they want. Makes sense, right?

Sooooo having said that there are going to be some changes around here 🙂 I decide to make this blog a combination of personal and business. I decide to make this a place that people can share both parts of my life. I want to post about things that are happening in my life, our family, and our friends. The important parts of this journey. I also want to intertwine the blessings I have by sharing in other people’s memories. So I decide its best to combine these two blogs (our personal blog and sweet whispers.) what do you think? I think this could be very fun!

So, there will be some changes as I mentioned, there will hopefully be at least one post a day – even if its simple – I really want to keep up to date with our life and my work. Its hard, but I’m sure I can find 5 minutes everyday, right?! 🙂

Well I could keep posting forever about the talk from DJ but in general he has motivated me enough to make some changes personally and professionally -so look out! 🙂

Thank you to all of you who have allowed me to share in your blessings – I feel so blessed to be given the chance to capture memories and preserve them for all of you. Its much more then just ‘capturing a picture!’

Here’s to a new adventure!!!!

Yet another person I want to be when I grow up — David Jay!!!


If you want to learn more about DJ check out his website: I promise you’ll be blown away too!
David Jay

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