i knew it was coming…

…I just didnt know when.

Well we made it 15 months and 18 days before the first big boo-boo.

We spent the day at Mi-Mi’s (jackson has changed Grammy to Mi-Mi!) because they were testing the fire alarms in our building from 9am until 4pm every 10 minutes. Thats right, every 10 MINUTES. So by 9:20am we decided it would be best to bring both the dog and the baby out for the whole day! I had to do a few things in Manchester anyways so we headed out. Jackson and Rick spent the day playing outside enjoying the nice crisp weather – they walked to the park, played soccer, played catch, climbed around at the playground – you know, the favorite stuff of a dad and his son! I was doing a lot of work most of the day until Jackson woke up for him nap this afternoon. We all headed back outside until Dinner was ready. After getting through dinner we decided to go back outside to play. I was going to return a few emails, Jackson, Mi-Mi-, Uncle Steven, and Rick all headed out to the backyard to play. I opened my computer and no sooner did I hear this HEARTWRENCHING cry. I knew it before he even came in. It was a different cry then i have heard before. The saddest cry, like he’s was saying ‘what just happened to me and don’t ever let it happen again!’ Rick carried him in with Mi-Mi just behind and he just about leaped into my arms. I looked down and saw the saddest little face I’ve ever seen. He was trying to keep up (and after being outside all day was exhausted I’m sure!) and while he wasn’t paying attention he tripped on the grass and hit his face on the side of a little metal table. Yep, thats right, smack in the face the poor thing. He instantly had a black and blue eye and two cuts across his face. I don’t know who was more sad, Me (and Rick) or Jackson! Mi-Mi felt horrible, Rick felt horrible, Jackson was so confused on what just happened! But, that’s what happens as you’re discovering the world. It wasn’t anyones fault, they were all right there with him, he just happened to fall just the right way and bumped his face just right. I can’t say I’ve ever felt my heart break in 100 pieces all at one time, until tonight. Oh how I just wanted to take that pain away from him. It wasn’t even that big of a deal either – it was just a bump! Imagine later in his life (which I’m sure will happen!!) when he needs stiches or something! Oh man, that is just too much for a mommy’s heart! Luckily he’s a tough little booger and he bounced right back! We tried to put the ice packs on – and anyone with a toddler knows that DEFINITELY isn’t going to happen!!!!! We just let him chew on some frozen teething toys – because to boot he is getting his one-year molars!!!!!!! About 5 minutes later he was running back to the door to go back out! So out he went and life goes on. But man, I sure wasn’t prepared for that. When I heard that scream I KNEW something was wrong; I just didn’t know how bad it was going to be. Thankfully it was just a little boo-boo. According to Mi-Mi- I used to fall and hit that same eye growing up on everything — maybe I passed on that trait to him!?! Poor kid.

Anyways – despite the boo-boo we still had some fun before bedtime tonight. We skipped the tubby and just played a little extra toys!

Enjoy 🙂

p.s. we’ve been trying to share the camera a bit more as I have noticed that I hardly have any pictures of Jackson and Mommy!!! So you will also see images that are © ‘photography by rick’ — thats my amazing husbands work!

Bless his heart!!!!!

reading books with daddy

Jackson found my new prop for newborn sessions.. I love this little wagon. He’s a bit too big dontcha think?! 🙂

“No mama! I’m a big boy!!!”

Check out that SHINNER! Ouch, thats going to hurt tomorrow….

  • Zoom-Bug Photography - thank God it didn’t hit his actual eye…poor little booger. I hate it when the kiddo’s get hurt, you just feel so helpless! Kisses to Jackson and to you guys!~Court

  • Mrs. Bee - omg the poor thing! im sure it hurt you more than it hurt him! what a trooper though. you look great–its good to see you finally in some photos 🙂

  • Kathy P - oh, poor little dude! i think it’s always worse for the parents than it is for the kids. it’s our job toprotect them so we feel bad when something does happen. nice to see you in the pictures too keri! 🙂

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