I’m in love.

I was a little stalker-ish yesterday whenever a car drove by, as I was waiting for the UPS man… he had a package for me and I was so excited to get my hands on it!
If you’ve been around the blog for a bit, you’ve noticed I’ve been drooling over a new lens. the 85mm to be exact.  I rented it before and fell in love with it – it is ideally what I want on my camera all the time – at least for a little!!  I don’t know what it is – but I just love it!  Soooooo after a discussion with my love we decided, its time! Let’s take that poor lens off the shelves and bring it home!!!!! 
As soon as the UPS man pulled in I ran out the door like the house was on fire!  I think he was about 2 steps out of his truck before I got to him 🙂  With a ‘thank you’ of course I quickly walked back into the house – trying not too look too excited! But once in the door I nearly did the happy dance!  
So without further delay – here is the newest addition to the family.  A relatively inexpensive lens but oh how I love her already… 

And of course here are the first shots!  

And in case you were wondering… our ENTIRE life is Thomas the Train.  Meet Molly and Jack.  Molly the yellow train and Jack the digger! 🙂

Love you babe- thanks for always encouraging me to follow my dreams!! xoxo

  • Courtney Fries - Give Rick a *high five* and a noogie from the ole’ Courtster 🙂
    Grats on the lens girlie…you deserve it!

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