“Im thanks-for-giving’Mom!’

Thats been Jackson’s favorite line this week – I keep reminding him that its just THANKSGIVING – but he always responds – ‘No Mommy, I’m thanks-for-giving!’… whatever he means, I’m happy he is thankful!
This morning I said- “It’s Thanksgiving Day, Jackson! Do you remember what we get to do today (hoping he’s say be thankful!) and he responded… ‘Have apple pie and turkey mama!’ oh how I love the innocence!!
When we dropped him off at school the other day they have a turkey bulletin board up with their little hands that are cut out of construction paper and they also decorated turkeys with feathers and markers — each child had one and it said what they are thankful for… Jackson’s read ‘I am thankful for… Turkey.’ Way to go Jack! Good thing you’re thankful for Turkey! haha….  
Anyways, we are adjusting to Rick being home, Molly getting a little bigger, and Jackson being exceptionally funny lately, and overall we’ve been enjoying our family time together. But, just as we are enjoying our family time, Jackson is also becoming much more opinionated!! That means, I have become much more aware of ‘picking my battles’ with my little friend…..  Just the other night before dinner he decided to empty his craft drawer -you know, the drawer with markers, paints, stickers etc… yeah that drawer! Surprisingly enough, I didn’t care to fight  that battle – I’d just clean it up later… I set up his markers as I cooked dinner and Molly sat sleeping in her little chair…  little did I know he was coloring his FACE and HANDS – NOT the paper since I had my back to him at the table while I was at the stove!!!! He turned around, proud as could be and said ‘Look Mommy – GREEN!’… he had it everywhere – and with his little voice and his little face so proud the way he was I couldnt help but laugh!! “Yes, Jackson, Green marker is ALL over you – but we only color on paper, okay?!’… ‘Yes, mom, paper’ he responded.. I continued cooking dinner and giggling to myself every time I looked at him! So we all sat down to dinner – marker covered and all – and Jackson was hamming it up the whole time!  I’m not sure what got into him but its THOSE moments I’m thankful for.  He went through every expression he knows – Happy face, Sad face, Surprised face etc… He was too funny! Little Ladybug Molly hungout snuggled up in her chair just looking around… and when she was a little hungry she snacked on her hands 🙂

And just because I don’t want to forget this silly giggle and this precious face… one of each of them! (and don’t call me a bad mother for giving my son a green popcile! i know theres nothing natural about it but hey – we’re daring in this family!)

So why did I post about that silly story – because it sums up what I’m thankful for this year… My family – My husband, My son, AND My daughter.  Not a day goes by that I’m not incredibly grateful for the gifts I have been given.  I’m so thankful we have been given the gift of another little miracle this year – Ms. Molly is such a blessing and we are very thankful she picked us to be her family…
Especially today I love the way my husband makes me laugh every single day -(even at the times I don’t want to!) I love the way my son calls ‘Mommy’ and it melts my heart (even when he’s getting into mischief!) and the new smiles my daughter gives me every time I talk to her..  Every day is a chance to  make new memories and I love the three people I get to share those with on a daily basis. For those three gifts I am thankful.
We are off to spend the day with my family at my aunts house and I am hoping to get at least few pictures from the day! Maybe I’ll even have a chance to post them!
I hope your day is filled with the ones you love, the food you love, and the memories you’ll treasure..
Many blessings to you on this Happy Thanksgiving,
Keri  xoxo

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