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See these two little faces pressed up against me?


Yes, the two faces that fill my heart every single day with more joy than I ever thought it could hold? The two little faces that ask a million questions in a day, who ask for just one more book before bed. The faces who give me that ‘I don’t know who did that, it wasn’t me’ look when they did something they shouldn’t have. The faces that can bring tears to my eyes because I’m so grateful they picked me to be their Mom when a smile dances across their mouths and creeps up into their eyes. The little faces that can drive me coo-coo and can leave me begging for 5pm so I can have a glass of wine already! Yes. Those little faces are the reason I believe I have a purpose.

In honor of them, I have decided to make a big change this year. I have decided to make a conscious effort to live the words I tell my clients!  “Get. in. the. picture.” I know – people think photographers have tons of pictures of their own kids, their own family, ‘you must always have your camera!’ … the truth is, I don’t. I used to. But now, I don’t. Sadly. So, I decided just a few months ago, this year is different. This is a turning point for me and my little munchkins. I want them to see me. I want them to remember me. I want them to see our lives together as they grow up and I want them to know that I was actually there too! I didn’t just take the pictures of our life, but I’m in them and I got to enjoy the things we do together  So, here I am – getting in the picture. Celebrating life with the two best faces in my world.

Knowing just how important being a Mom is to me, I want every Mom to see what they look like with their children. I know that time passes faster than I can keep up with and I’m sure you feel the same way – so don’t wait. Remember your life today. Real life. We can always come up with excuses, (when I lose some weight, *I’m guilty of that! – when I get my hair done, when it’s summer. but there is no time like now. Like today. This is your life.)  I believe it is so important for us, the do-everything-ers to be present – to be accounted for. In order to help you do that, please join us for our Mothers Day Mini Sessions!

The details:
Who: Mimi’s, Grandma’s, Nana’s, Great-Grandma’s, Mom’s and kids are invited!
What: 30 Minute mini session -10-15 images in a private online gallery. Mini session will include 5 digital images on disc with the rights to print.   
When: Saturday, April 28th and Sunday, May 6
*10% off any prints or products purchased from Mini Session.
Cost: $250 – Due in full at the time of booking. Non-refundable but may be transferred.

Don’t wait to remember your life. These days pass faster and faster, pretty soon these little ones will be in college and I’ll be wondering why we aren’t in preschool anymore. I know you’ll be doing the same (and maybe toasting to the fact that you made it through, but still!)

Hope to see you soon.

Much Love,

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