it finally happened.

It happened today as I was holding Molly and tickling her belly with kisses just to hear her belly laugh. After about 10 minutes of kissing her belly, piggies, those chubby cheeks, and little hands wrapped around my fingers, it hit me.  My little girl isn’t an newborn anymore – shes a baby!  I know, shes 5 months old already – of course shes a baby! But all of a sudden she is so baby and not newborn anymore – he has a belly laugh, a voice she loooooves to use, a little peach fuzz on the top of her head, fingers that pick up all sorts of fun things, piggies that never stop moving, eyes that are always wide open watching everything around her, ears that are listening to the sounds of our family and a smile that will melt your heart with one flash of it!  A newborn is so dependent. so little. so tiny. they have such a distinct cry. they have no routine, no consistency. and sometimes its just so hard to know what they need. (all coupled with sleep deprivation!) but then, all of a sudden, it happens. in a moment you realize, those hazy days of a newborn are gone. the little newborn you held all night, rocked for hours, stared at as they slept in amazement that they are really yours – all those things grew into a baby!  How did that happen? I can’t believe how fast it goes… So without further ado… Mollys 5 month letter… (yeah I know i still have to post her 4 month.. its coming!)
Dear Molly, 
You are 5 months (and 4 days – hey Mom’s been busy okay!) and I just can’t believe how fast you are growing.  Some days I think back to the moment you were first in my arms and it seems like a minute ago – other times it seems like you have always been in my arms. You are growing so big – you weight 14.5 lbs already and are already in 6 month clothes you little pork chop!  This morning when you woke up I brought you into our bed just to play and giggle – i snuggled my nose into your cheek as you were telling stories just so I could breath you in.  I love the softness of your skin and the way you smell just after your bath (okay well last night before bed!) I love the way you smile with your eyes. I love the way you wrap your fingers around my fingers so tight as you pull yourself up to sit or stand. I love the way you get so excited your whole body wiggles! When you’re upset I love that it only takes a few snuggles from Mom or Dad to calm you down.  I love that you are trying so hard to blow raspberries – You’ll get it soon enough! I love to stare at your beautiful long eyelashes. I’m so proud of you that you learned how to roll over – You are growing up so fast! You love to eat these days – You’ve had rice cereal, oatmeal, peaches (you looove them!) bananas, apples, peas (you hhaaattteee them!) squash, carrots, prunes, plums, apricots, and pears.  We have green beans to go and then we’ll venture onto mixing some together. You love to stick your hand in your food whenever you take a bite – it must feel funny in your mouth! You’ve tried the Gerber stars broken into little pieces and you eat them right up! You’re not sleeping so great – I don’t know what happened because you were sleeping awesome (until your ear infection!) You must just miss Mom huh 🙂 You still don’t love tummy time but we know its good for you so just keep at it! Your big brother loves to give you hugs and kisses and especially likes to wake you up for your naps… that must be because he miss you!
Your smile lights up the room Molly Lillian.  You squak until you are right where the action is.  You figure something new out every single day.   We are so proud of you – You are getting so big!  Although i have to admit there is a small part of me that is sad you’re growing up so fast.  My sweet little baby is growing up so fast I just wish I could freeze time.  I know with every day is a new adventure and I’m so excited to see what is waiting for you, but there is something magical about being so tiny. My tiny little boy is now a super fast running little man these days – I know before I know it, you’ll be running right behind him.
Thank you for blessing us with so many beautiful memories… I can’t believe how much my heart has grown in 5 months!
We love you ladybug…





And of course one of the big guy!! 🙂

much love..

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