It’s been a while…

since you’ve seen it – the beloved messy face!!! have you missed it!

Jackson is infamous for putting his messy hands all over his face and hair when he has dinner.. and although he does this often, he is quite good at waiting until its a very messy dinner – like spaghetti!

When i was nannying for mr. janssen he loved to watch CareBears. Carebears do this thing when they like something they say “Paws up for ….” Rick got janssen to do it all the time ‘Paws up for macaroni and cheese! — Paws up for playing outside!’ you name it – he did it! Poor little jackson at only a few months old got suckered into it too – Now, at 16 months old – its one of his favorite thing to do! “Paws up for mommy! – Paws up for tubby!” we love to watch him do it because it cracks us up – The best part is after he does it – he usually claps as if he were saying ‘how cool am i – did you see that!’ haha.. too cute!

new pictures to come soon – I have a sneak peak coming for the newly weds Kim and Dana who so graciously let me share in their day! I promise it will be soon guys!

Hugs to you all..

K 🙂

  • Andrea - I love that messy little face! Did you have to put him straight into the tub?

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