10 years old?! How did we get here? Happy Birthday Letter to my Jackson


Dear Jackson –

Ten.   How is it even possible you turn 10 years old today! Can you believe it! You are double digits! Holy cow!

You really are growing up so fast! I feel like it was just yesterday you were reaching up for my hand as we walked from the park over to the train station just so you could watch the trains go by.  You always waved and quietly whispered ‘Bye Lady, Bye Thomas…’ with every passing car.  You were convinced the MBTA trains were all friends with Thomas the tank engine and they were always going back to ‘Tinmouth Shed’ – Thomas’ home!  There was a while there where I thought we were going to live in Thomas the train land for the rest of your life! Somedays I wish we could go back to that time.


As time marched on you discovered new interests and activities you like.  You have become quite the Lego master over the years.  When you completed your first Lego set, I knew you were hooked!  You loved the building and rebuilding of the kits.  You have completed so many Lego projects since then – I love the way you use your imagination when we have ‘Lego contests’ to see who is the most creative!  You have so much creativity!

You have really grown into a great soccer player.  I am so proud of you the way you watch the game and keep focused on playing your best!  The most enjoyment is watching you have fun with your friends.  Keep playing things that bring you joy!

You are so smart and you are so funny! Your stories and excitement are so much fun to listen to.   You are such an amazing big brother. I love watching the way you are always helping Molly and constantly trying to teach her new things! She is so lucky to have you as her big brother.  Uncle Freddie was my best friend growing up and I know you and Molly have that same relationship and friendship! It’s such a special thing to have.  Never forget that.


You are such an incredible saxophone player! Watching you grow over the last few months and develop a passion for music has been one of the most exciting things to see!  I can’t wait to see what you do with this passion!  It’s been amazing to hear you start to play your own ideas recently – Keep it up!

You have so many great friends and most importantly you are a great friend to them.  You know the importance of being kind and considerate but having fun and making people laugh.  You know it’s important to be respectful and gracious.  You are always thinking of others.  That is something to be very proud of.  You are always on the move and have so much to share with the world!  I love watching you discover this amazing place.

Now that you are getting older, you may be reaching for my hand less and less as you begin to spread your wings and begin to find your own way, but it’s important for you to know that I will always be here when you need me.  I will lift you up and encourage you when you are struggling. I will remind you of all your amazing gifts when you find it hard to remember yourself.  I wish push you to be your best. I will cheer you on as you take steps to follow your dreams and most of all, no matter what, I will love you with my whole heart, forever.


Thank you for choosing me to me your Mama. You have given me more in 10 years than I could have ever dreamed.  You gave me the most important job of my life, being a Mom.  The day you came into this world changed my world forever and I cannot be more grateful for that gift.  I am so proud to call you my son and I cannot wait to see what is waiting for you in this big year of being 10 and beyond!  Welcome to double digits, big man!

I love with you all my heart and soul,



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