just another manic monday…

Do you ever feel like you wake up and hit the ground running?  I felt like that today – Just seemed like there was a lot I wanted to get done but somehow just couldn’t get out of my own way.. so by noontime I just resigned to the fact that what doesn’t get finished today will still be there tomorrow!
After watching O.A.R. on Regis and Kelly this morning (Uncle Marc was so funny!) we headed out to do a bunch of errands.. after Jacks nap and Daddys YUMMY lasagna dinner that he made (which has now been renamed Salana according to Jack! – whatever that means!!) we started the bake-a-thon!  We always like to bring Daddy and all his friends cookies, brownies, banana bread, or whatever we feel like baking up for them when we get to visit.  We know it can be tough on the road (sometimes!) so Jackson likes to bring them a little treat thats made with love from home.  Now we all know what a huge fan of baking (or mixing really!) Jackson is so it didnt take much convincing – It wasn’t two seconds after we put it into the pan were little hands licking the bowl! (I know, raw eggs, don’t scold me, I let him eat it – With the cuteness on his face I had to snap a few shots! I promise if he gets sick from the 15 seconds I let him eat it I’ll never let him do it again!!… and don’t say you’ve never done it yourself! 🙂 hehe..)
Anyways- This is the first time I’ve let him lick the bowl – or taste it I should say… Think he liked it? 🙂


Okay. no onto a little secret about me.  I love sweets. Candy, cookies, cake, cupcakes (my favorite!) I love it all really. BUT I don’t love it in big quanities.. Unlike some people I know.. (DAD!) who could eat an entire bag of snack sized candy – I only want one.  So half a brownie is good for me – or half a cookie – but Oh how I love that half!  So being pregnant – that sweet tooth has been a little amped up… One of my favorite things lately has been store bakery Oatmeal Cookies with icing… yyyuummm–ooo as Rachel Ray says!  When we were food shopping this morning I passed by these and somehow they just jumped into our cart!  The thing that kills me is the sticker on the top… read it:  ‘ALL NATURAL’… WHAT exactly does that mean?  Now I will say, we are a bit more on the organic side then most of my friends or family that I know of.. I am a bit neurotic when it comes to a few organic things.. (meats, poultry, produce etc..) and I’m not always GREAT about it – but we are conscious of it… But THIS – Come ON!  These store bakery cookies are NOT all natural – no matter how much I love them, I do acknowledge that!  I know it doesn’t say ‘organic’ but all natural is a close second… It just made me laugh that this was the sticker on top… I guess they try to pass off anything as ‘good for you’ these days… At least it has oatmeal in it right?!?! 🙂

Oh! One last thing – So right after we came in tonight the sun was still out but all of a sudden a HUGE DOWNPOUR happened.. a sun shower downpour! It was so cool – at first Rick said – “Keri, it’s raining on the left side of the house but not the right, the sun is out!!’.. I stepped outside and saw perfect blue sky with TONS of rain pouring down.. If I hadn’t put brownies in the oven I problem would have headed out to catch a rainbow as I’m sure there was one… 

Off to see our friends/family tomorrow… Stay tuned for more pictures then…
Thanks for checking in!

  • will tangorra - Hey Keri! It was great seeing you Tuesday night. I know I’m a little late responding to this August 4th post, but I was just browsing through your blog and came across MY favorite cookies! Are they not the BEST thing ever??? I always shuffle through all the containers looking for the ones with the most icing. So bad…but sooo so good!
    Your new blog and photos look awesome and I love your new logo! Congrats on everything!

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