just so i don’t forget..

It’s nights like tonight that I want to bottle it up and keep it forever.. the little moments, the little memories, the ones that matter most.
We got home much later then usual – Molly’s bedtime is 6:15pm — if she goes to bed any later she is for sure awake between 4am-5am the next day (GOOD TIMES!) Her usual wake up time is about 6am.. Anyways – We came in, I was on Molly duty, Rick was on Jack duty.  Divide and conquer!  I gave her a quick wipe down as we didn’t have time for a tubby – She giggles every time I wipe under her chin – a little belly giggle – it makes me laugh every time!  I got her in her PJ’s and got her bottle of milk from the fridge. As it was warming in the hot water she gave Jackson hugs and kisses good night -He tells her every.single.night – ‘Dream about purple butterflies, Mol!’.. Where he came up with that is anyone guess – but he HAS to tell her!  He was off to the shower – Molly was off to her room with her milk, her lovey and mommy.  She finished her milk and I sat in the chair with her – She was SO exhausted she couldn’t even pick her little head up – She snuggled her lovey into my chest and put her head on my shoulder.  I sang ‘You are my sunshine’ as she snuggled into my neck with her lovey in one hand and grabbed my hair around the other side of my head with her other hand.. About two rounds in and she was fast asleep.  Those are the moments I want to bottle up.  The snuggles into my neck, her sweet baby’s breath, her fingers wrapped around my hair.  I know how fast those moments are going to go by. Just as I was about to put her down in her crib she opened her eyes, picked her head up and gave me a belly giggle -what was so funny!?!?!  She snuggled into my neck again and went back to sleep! It was so funny as I put her down I had to keep from laughing out loud!  I love that little ladybug.
Just as I came out into the living room Jackson came out of the bathroom – all showered, in his PJ’s and ready for bed.  He looked up and said ‘Mom, can we watch a show?’ If he wasn’t so sweet and so cute it would be much easier to just say ‘No, its bedtime!’ but with the little look he gave me as he climbed up into my lap – my answer quickly turned to ‘Sure buddy, but then its bedtime.’  It helps that he took an extra long nap today too 🙂 … The show was about 5 minutes in as he snuggled into me and said ‘I love you Mom.’  With a kiss on the top of the head – ‘I love you too buddy,’ I said back.  There is nothing like the smell of a freshly bathed kiddo! A few more minutes passed and he looked up and said ‘Hey Mom, thanks for letting me see all the ants outside tonight.’… I laughed and told him I was happy he saw them!  Who thanks their Mom for looking at ants?! hahaha… After his show we went into his room – I read him one of his new books and we snuggled as he asked his infamous nightly question ‘Hey Mom, what you gonna dream about?’ to which it I said ‘You and Molly.’  He said, ‘Awwwwwwww, I love you Mom, I’m going to dream about you too!… annnnnd Storyland!’  Silly boy.
I’m so blessed to have two amazing children.   They are such a gift and bring my heart so much joy.  Despite the house being a mess, the to-do list always growing, and the laundry never finished – I know my children are happy and loved.  I know I give them memories, teach them lessons, share the world with them.  If only they knew how much they give me back. What doesn’t get finished today, will still be there tomorrow, but these precious days with my children are only for a short while. I vowed when I became a Mommy that I would never take a single day for granted – Not a single day has passed that I’m not grateful.
So for tonight – for the little moments – for the memories of today – I will ‘bottle them up’ here on this blog so I can always come back to remember. The little moments that melt my heart will always be the moments that matter most.
I love you Jackson David and Molly Lillian.   You are two beautiful souls and I’m honored to get to share seeing the world in your eyes.
Much love forever,

  • Keri D - Wow Keri, our blogs are so similar I had to share mine with you. (LOL, not!)
    Anyway — all kidding aside, you melt MY heart with the things you write about (and to) your children. And really, of course I feel the same way about mine too….but I just express myself and an entirely different way! Keep’em coming!Love ya!

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