Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

….thats the theme song of the day!… holy moly its been a mess out there!

they said yesterday 1-3 inches of snow… today we somehow jumped to 6-8 inches and all of a sudden they just said it could be up to 10 inches!?!??! par for the course in new england eh?! 🙂

Well of course we had to test it all out. We got Jackson his snow gear a few weeks back… the boots (which you may have seen in the fashion statement post below..) a new jacket and new snow pants from l.l. bean so we’d be all ready when the snowfall would arrive. Lucky for us we had a chance to test it out this evening…

What we didn’t account for is that Jackson does NOT like mittens! So while he walked out into the snow for a few quick moments he seemed to be loving it .. until the front face tumble which pushed his hands into 5 inches of snow. the fun quickly ended. we headed back inside to warm up those little hands after 30 seconds of pure snow bliss. hopefully tomorrow WITH mittens ON will be a better story!

After heading inside and warming up real quick we had to stop for a visit at our favorite neighbors in the whole world. Donna and Paul- as Jackson says ‘D and Paul’ 🙂 We are so incredibly lucky. Lord knows how we ended up with two of the sweetest people in the whole world living next to US, but boy are we thankful. Jackson has made it a habit knocking on their door every time we come into the building. If we don’t stop, he screams “D, PAUL” down the hallway. knocking is much less disruptive.
So we stopped in and little bear makes himself RIGHT at home. He knocks on the door and of course because they are the sweetest, they always invite us in. Jackson takes his jacket of and walks straight over to the toys they are kind enough to leave out. Their adorable grand-daughter is just a few months younger then Jackson so we are very grateful they keep such fun toys around for her – and Jackson just keeps them dusted off for that princess while she’s not visiting! At any rate, we had a great visit (of course!) and then headed back to our place for dinner, snuggles and bedtime. Thank you D and Paul for letting us invade you once again. We are so blessed to have you in our lives and love you both so much! (If/) When we move don’t you worry – we’ll be dropping in like we still live here – and we definitely expect you to do the same. no questions asked! We’re so grateful for all you do for us but most important, we’re grateful for your friendship – thanks for being the best neighbors in the whole wide world!! BIG HUGS.

so here are some quick shots from this evenings adventures…..I picked up the ol’ Rebel for some shots in the snow… it sure was coming down fast out there! (Just FYI: this will give you an idea about how people were moving today… we were out of coffee filters and I HAD to get them so I jumped in the car for a quick trip to the store which is maybe 3/4 of a mile away (a 1-2 minute drive) from our house… ONE hour and 17 minutes later I returned home. apparently everyone forgot how to drive in snow?)

heading outside all bundled up… poor scooter came too but we have to get him a coat since he just got his haircut too and has nothing to keep him warm! poor scoot!!!

LOOK HOW COLD IT IS!!…… just kidding.. just playing with a little post processing!! haha.

touching the COLD snow….

..”oooouuuhhhhhhh snoooowwwww”

back inside – playing at Donna and Paul’s house!

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