Let love win. {thoughts on thursday}

Oh hello world wide web.  It’s nice to see you this rainy Thursday morning.  A good cup of coffee, some fantastic music is on, I’m inside the house warm and dry and at my desk.  That makes for a perfect set up for this weeks Thoughts on Thursday.

1.  First up, I have to share with you an amazing friend of mine has a story.  One of the greatest blessings about living in a community where everyone is so close is learning about each others stories.  Not the stories of gossip or who did what, but the real heart-song stories that mean something. That challenge us. That help us grow.  That teach us more than we could ever dream learning on our own.  So, a few years ago while Jackson was at preschool, I was blessed to meet an incredible Mom, Erin.  It is easy to see why Erin has so much joy everywhere she goes! She has an beautiful family, she is a special education teacher, she is full of passion and full of life, but more than anything – she has a smile that will instantly make you smile. She lights up any room. Really.   We shared conversation over a few glasses of wine, she was a resource for me when Jackson was struggling with a few things, she has a heart of gold and is always trying to help anyone she can, it was clear there was a friendship blooming.  One afternoon we were talking and she shared that Liam, her youngest, was struggling and had developed some some autistic like behavior issues that she wasn’t quite sure of and how to help him.  I shared with her an incredible blessing that I’ve been lucky to work with, Sargent Goodchild, of Active Healing.   His incredible work is life changing. Sarge was gracious enough to let me write about his work in my undergrad thesis. Truly fascinating.  A few days ago, a friend of mine shared a post to her Facebook page about a recent blog post that Erin had a written as she is documenting Liam’s journey in hopes of helping others.  (See, I told you she’s always looking to help anyone!)   I was so thrilled to see her words and hear Liam’s story.  I was blessed to photograph Liam and his big sister a few years ago and I have to say some of the moments we captured are some of my favorite moments I’ve ever document. When I look at Liam with his sister and their dog I see his joy. I see his heart and I know his Mom is a fighter for him.   He is there.  He is blessed. He is on his way. If you or someone you know is sharing a life with someone who has autism, please read her blog! You can read all about Liam’s journey  here : Liam’s Journey – Our sudden Journey with Autism and Alternative Medicine. And then go over to Active Healing and learn all about the help that’s waiting for you!  That’s a whole lot of love!

But really – Can you even stand these adorable faces!

2.  The Essex PTO has an online auction going on right now until 9pm tonight — There is a little bit of everything to bid on — Hurry go over before its too late! BID FOR THE KIDS!! There are arts and crafts, landscaping, vacations, fitness items, restaurant gift certificates, sports memorabilia – you name it! It’s probably there! I have donated a petite session with a few products so if you’d like to book a petite session this a great way to do it!  Click here if you’re interested – Essex Online PTO Auction — THANK YOU!

3. I’ve recently done a lot of shifting lately in my own life and in my own heart. If you’re familiar with “The Secret” by Rhonda Bryne’s you know where I’m at … and it is damn exciting! This week has really challenged me but I’m grateful to be on this journey.  Funny when you finally ‘get’ something its so hard to remember before you did, isn’t it?!  Anyways I have always been one to greet people with grace and really try to give people the benefit of the doubt.  My friends and family will say that sometimes I give people too much of that! But hey, its who I am and what I believe in!  The recent weeks have strengthened that even more and I’m so excited to be in a space where the world feels happier.   There is so much negativity if you focus on it; the incredible gift is there is even more positive if you are ready to see it.  Stay with that. Be there. Soak it in and more will come. This I have seen for sure.  On that note – I came across one of the most awesome video’s I’ve seen in a long time. I think it is brilliant!  I think I was really connected because it really does make me believe in the good nature of people – It’s so awesome to see.  We really are far more alike, than different. Have a look — Take a seat – Make a friend.


4.  I’m happy to report in the ‘we are going to eat more healthy and more clean movement’ both little munchkins are doing well! Jackson has been willing to try a lot more and surprisingly, he even likes it!   My friend, Robyn Oakenfield, has recently started documenting her healthy eating changes and is a great inspiration for those who are just starting!  Thanks for sharing Robyn – You’re awesome. You can keep up with her on instagram too. How is it going for all of you?

5.  This is powerful:  Let’s stop squandering this potential. Let love win by valuing human life. — Ana Grace Márquez-Greene’s Mother wrote an article for USA today last week – Take a few minutes to read it, its important.

6.  Are you a past client who wants a custom designed Facebook profile layout!? Email me and I’ll put one together for you! My gift to you.

7. I’m so happy to report there is only a tiny bit of Easter candy left in the house.  Given that the Easter bunny didn’t bring much this year I had little battles to fight about it – How’s that for good planning! Mom for the win!

8. I heard something the other day that said, ‘would you rather be right or choose to be kind?’ I have heard the phrase ‘would you rather be happy or right?’ a lot and it has really helped me in my life but this variation really struck me even more.  Our lives have become so stressful I think we often forget about finding peace in our lives. In arguments or discussions we have become so focused on being heard and validated that we often don’t realize how damaging it is to ourselves and the situations we’re upset over. So the next time you’re in a bit of a struggle think – would you rather be right and feel entitled or choose peace and be happy?  There’s a big difference there.

9.  Vacation week next week with the little munchkins! Although I have some work, I am excited that I can actually bring my little munchkins with me to a few work releated events next week.  I know they are looking forward to some time off from school and if I’m being honest, I’m excited to get some time with them too!

10. I have an exciting cross promotion coming with a company that I just fell in love with. I think you’re really going to like them too – It goes hand in hand with lifting people up! No accident I stumbled upon them!

Happy day friends.  Hope your day is filled with love and happiness.

Be well, Be kind.


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