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The first time you hold your child in your arms you swear you will never forever a moment that passes.  You somehow cannot really remember your life before them, yet you feel like you’ve just started this journey into parenting.  The early weeks with a newborn are a blur and sometimes you think its a miracle you even survived.   As time passes, small glimpses return to you.  Their whispy little hair.  Their sweet tiny hands that wrapped around your fingers so tight.  The way their cheeks felt like the softest thing you’ve ever felt. Their little coos and babble as they discover their voice.  Remember those things? I know, me too.

No sooner do you blink, and you have a second grader bouncing out of the elementary school, running up to your car with a smile on their face.  Their hands not quite as small, their hair much longer and likely needing a haircut.  Their stories they share about their day, their homework, or what they are learning about.  Didn’t you just have a baby in your arms? Didn’t you just give them mashed up bananas for the first time? How on earth could they possibly be learning, growing, talking and exploring this amazing world on their own?

Yes my friends, we have all learned this truth.  Time passes quickly. Faster than we would like most days. The things we promised ourselves we would ‘never forget’ are slowly slipping away and being replaced by new promises. It takes a little more effort to remember those little details as the years go by and life gets busier. But don’t fear too much – I am here to help.

For one day only, Keri Jeanne Photography will be hosting Mommy and Me Sessions.  These sessions are designed to document the moments that may soon be forgotten.  These sessions are sessions I’ve struggled with myself as a Mom.  Us Moms, never want to be in front of the camera! We all have flaws that we need to ‘fix’ before we get those family memories, right? We all have just a few more pounds to lose, or haircut to grow out, or whatever your excuse is. But let me share with you a big juicy secret.  Your children love all of you.  Your children love you the way you are right now.   They dont’ see the few extra pounds or the haircut you hate.  They see the one who  loves them.  The one who kisses their boo-boos.  The one who makes their favorite dinner when they have had a hard day.  The one who sneaks them treats and notes to say I love you. They see the one who’s arms they need when they are upset, and the face they can’t wait to see when they have done something amazing to share.  They see you. For your heart. For your spirit.

Can you imagine if your children grow up and ask you for some childhood pictures of you both together, and you don’t have any?   What will you say? “I had a few extra pounds to lose?… I had a haircut I didn’t like?”  What a tragedy! We are their caregivers.  Their person.  Their safety. Their unconditional love. Please, if its not for you, do this for them.  Document this time in their life with them. Show them you were there.  Show them the way you look at them only the way a mother does.  Show them you cared enough to give them the gift of memories. Let me give you that gift.

These sessions are designed to start small — This isn’t a full family session! Don’t worry! This is a few minutes for us to share so you can keep these memories before they are gone.  These sessions are designed to capture a fleeting moments of mothers and their children, grandmothers and their children or grandchildren, or any other motherly figure in your life. As Mother’s Day is quickly approaching this will be a beautiful gift to give your loved ones to show them how much you care. Mommy and Me sessions are $375 and include a 20 minute petite session at an outdoor beautifully groomed location. 8-10 images to choose from. You  have your choose of 3 digital files printable up to an 8×10 print  (Meaning you get the digital file and can reprint as many images as you wish with this file – a great option if you’ll be sharing with friends and family.)  OR, if you’d prefer prints or products you may also chose a $200 print credit that can be applied to our limited collections that includes prints, products and digital files. The choice is yours. We will be here to help you decide if the files or a print credit is best for your needs.

Don’t let your children grow another season without seeing you with them. Don’t they deserve to have these memories document too?

I can’t wait to share these memories with you.

In gratitude,
***To book your session please email — Or click directly here for immediate booking:  Mommy and Me Session Payment

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