Maya – 6 days new | Hamilton, MA Newborn Photographer

One of the greatest gifts I can give our friends is the gift of memories.  I am honored when they allow me to capture fleeting moments of their family – especially a new family. I know they always tell me its special to have the images but it is truly an honor to take them. I feel so blessed every single time I do it 🙂
Today was no exception.  I couldn’t wait to get home to open up these images.  I knew I got some shots I’ve been dying to get AND with such a beautiful family – I just couldn’t put my camera down.  To say its going to be tough to narrow these down is an understatement!
This sweet baby girl has been a dream for her parents for a long time.  After lots of prayers, wishes and hopes, She made her grand entrance to the world just a few days ago – I just love a fresh new baby. this little peanut is 6 days new!
Without any more delay – Meet the love of our dear friends Dave and Brier’s lives… Ms. Maya.  Congratulations you guys – We are so thrilled for you!  We love her to pieces already — Can’t wait to smooch her again — Maya, you couldn’t have picked better parents – we know you are going to live a life full of love and laughter.  Many blessings to all three of you.. oxox
I’m not sure who heart is smiling more – hers, Mom or Dads?! 🙂

I have been waiting for this shot for a lonnnng time.  I’ve seen it done a few other times but I’ve never had a Dad willing to do whatever like Dave – Thanks Dave – You take direction so well 🙂 Was it worth it I hope!?

Look at that squishy little face – Don’t you want to just smooch her face off!? 🙂 I do.

We headed outside for a few quick shots in the sunshine… Dreamy.

Since they live right on the Lake – we HAD to get a few of these shots.. And dont worry – Dad and Mom were right there just in case Maya wanted to go for her first swim – But, she was so tuckered out from the session she didnt even move!

“No more pictures lady!” … Maya had had enough 🙂

Thank you guys so much for spending the morning (and early afternoon!) with me — Sorry I took up most of your day 🙂  Get some sleep while you can — Many Blessings and Much Love.. oxox

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