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A few years ago some photographer friends and I started sharing this 30 days of thankfulness during the month of November. It was just a way to reflect a little big on the big things that often get overlooked and sometimes we get caught up in the craziness of the end of the year to really appreciate everything we have..  

I have posted my thankful thoughts on Facebook, but I’d really like to share them here on the blog too as I know I’ll want to look back on this one day. I have been trying to document more of my life so I can do two things – 1) show my kids that I was actually present in their lives since I’m always the one documenting or taking the photos for example! and 2) I want to remember the small things. The little things that make life exciting and happy and full of memories. We all know memories fade. No matter how much we try to hold them, the fade. No matter how often we talk about things, say we won’t forget, say we really won’t forget this time, we do… So  for this year – I want to document what I’m thankful for this November. Maybe it will inspire you to take a look around and see what you have to be grateful for too?

As a recap – this has been the first 8 days:

Day 1:  the amazing friends and family I have that
surround my two little blessings and I with so much love and happiness
— you all help us so much! I couldn’t do it without you – I’m so
grateful for every one of you. ♥

Day 2:  I am thankful for running water,
electricity, and heat. A chilly day here in New England, thinking about
those struggling after hurricane Sandy…wishing there was more ways to help

Day 3: Coffee. I know, but honestly, there is no way I could function with out. #helloaddiction

Day 4: Thankful for old mini VHS camcorder tapes from
my college days! love that I get to watch some of the best times of my
life with some of the most important people to my heart. lucky for them I
haven’t figured out how to get them transferred yet.
Hey Keene State friends — remember our Adams Street Christmas party? or
girls – Remember the ‘drug free alcohol free floor?!’ its all on
video! hahaha… I love and miss all of you!

Day 5: My health and the health of my two little
blessings. Feeling like I’m at the beginning of a cold – realizing just how blessed
we are to have our health. I’ll never take it for granted.

Day 6: I’m thankful for daring clients who are
willing to brave the cold weather this time of year with me! Despite the
wind and red noses, I still love capturing these memories with you!

Day 7: I am thankful for the most generous, kind,
funny, trustworthy, beautiful, sweet, loving, gracious, babysitter for
my two little monkeys! Wendy – we would be absolutely lost without you every week – The piece of
mind you give me while I’m working, knowing the kids are safe, in good
hands, learning, growing and most importantly having fun, means more

I can ever say. Its very rare I’m not worried about what they are up to
with babysitters but you take all that worry away for me! Thank you!!
So blessed to have good friends who share their friends! As Jackson and
Molly tell me every week ‘Ms. Wendy is the best! (molly always chimes
in – and Julia and Samantha and Erine too!”) I hope she babysits us
until we’re in college!’… me too kiddos! Me too! ♥

And today… Today is day 8 and this is what I’m thankful for today…

I’m thankful for my
mommy friends. I’m thankful for the women who reach out to each other
for a sounding board so we all don’t feel crazy! I’m thankful we have a
commodore for all the challenges we go through. I’m thankful for all the
women who know what its like to have their entire world shifted as soon
as that little love is placed in their arms, the women who get up early

to pack lunches and lay out clothes, who stay up late to do dishes,
fold laundry and clean the house that somehow, is dirty, again… I’m
thankful for the women who are juggling full time work and full time
motherhood. For the women who put their own dreams on hold to encourage
their children, who look up answers online so their children learn the
right thing on their homework (whoops!) For the women who never get a
break. For the women who wipe hands and faces of their little ones with
their own clothes. I’m thankful for the women who can’t wait for 4
o’clock so its time to have a glass of wine! For the women who lay their
head down and wonder if they did a good job that day. For the women who
know what its like to drink the kool-aid and live your life so your
children have a better one. You are doing an amazing job – You have one
of the hardest jobs in the world. You are appreciated and I’m honored
you’re in my life.

I am so blessed to have so many amazing
mommy friends. without your love and support I’m not sure any of us
would make it! stay strong mommy friends. we are in this together.

Hope you find a little bit of gratefulness in your heart today. 

Even though this is from years ago – I just adore this self shot picture – She used to squish my face soo tight to kiss me! Mommy loves you Molly girl! xxooiphone_pic-1471 copy.jpg

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