our other family.

Yesterday we headed to my old stomping grounds – Keene State College.  O.A.R. had a show up there (crazy, right?!) so we got to spend the day with Rick at work.  Jackson had been talking all week about going to see Uncle Marc, Uncle Jerry, Uncle Richie, Uncle Chris and Uncle Benj.  He was even ‘playing Uncle Marc’ at a playdate earlier this week with a microphone! haha..
At any rate- we stayed on the bus for a little bit and Jackson couldn’t get over thats where Daddy sleeps! Although we talk about it all the time, he’s at the age now where he really understands things – since we hadn’t been out on the bus for a year or so, it was like he had never been there before. He was running up and down the aisle – laying in Rick’s bunk (leaving cookie crumbs in his path!) – and best of all – watching ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’ on the bus! Can you believe it!!

After a walk around town and a failed attempted to get Jackson to nap, (and by my old adam street apartment! – Hey college friends – You’ll be happy to know there are still college kids playing Beer Pong in the driveway at 2pm on a Friday afternoon – Way to hold up the tradition! haha…) ….we headed back to campus to finally see Uncle Marc.  Just as we got back Uncle Marc showed up and Jackson ran as fast as he could to see his buddy!  He was so excited to see everyone he kept running back and forth and in circles jumping around (I’m sure the no-nap had nothing to do with it!)

Now that everyone was there it was time to get to business – You know, playing with the travel Thomas the train, reading books and RACING of course!  He wouldn’t let anyone escape racing down the quad with him.. Guess who won the races…..
I love how he cut Marc off – What a little cheater!!

Uncle Richie always makes Jack laugh!

Travel Thomas. Don’t leave home without it.

And a little story time… “The Hat” of course .. in 75 degree weather!?!

Don’t worry – Molly was there too – And although shes still little – she was prepared to hang with the best of ’em during sound check!

Jackson thought running/jumping up and down the bleachers was the best part of sound check.. Uncle Marcs music AND jumping — heaven I tell you! Look at those pink cheeks! What a workout!

After a long day of being with Daddy at work, I packed the kids in the car and headed to Auntie Kimmy’s for a dinner break on the way home.. As we started driving out of Keene’s campus Jackson summed up our day spent with our other family…. “I love Uncle Marc.  He’s my best friend.” …
Thank God for good friends!  We love you all!

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