Rock Climbers! aka Brothers!

This afternoon I headed back to the beach to play with some kiddos I had the pleasure of photographing last year.  I can’t believe how big they got!  I guess thats what happens when a few months pass without seeing them, right!  Well needless to say, they were cute as ever and were definitely more adventurous then I’ve ever been!  They were like little monkey’s climbing all around the rocks.  Good thing they are so experienced and know just how to do it – Maybe thats just being a boy!  🙂
Mr. N was like a perfect model – he knew just how to turn on that charm – Check it out …

And don’t be mistaken – Mr. C was following close behind – Can you believe he didnt like looking at my camera and was more interested in climbing?  Fooled me too!  Gotta be fast with those little guys!

And just when they thought I wasn’t looking – BAMN! Caught ’em goofing around — those are my favorite moments! Don’t they look like the best of friends!!  I love that 🙂

Thanks again you guys – It was so good to see you  – I had so much fun watching you climb around!  I hope you weren’t too wet for the car ride home after the end of the session swim!!
We’ll be in touch!
Keri 🙂
children (rock climber) photographer, boston ma. 

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