sandy piggies

Sandy piggies could only mean one thing. its BEACH WEATHER here in New England! 🙂 wwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

We headed out to the beach last week when it was 90 degrees – it was Mollys first beach visit in the warm weather and she loved it!  Jackson spent 50% of the day throwing rocks into the water to see the big splash and the other 50% on the swings! That boy would stay on the swing for days if we let him!  Here are a couple of the favorites :)…. In typical Jackson fashion these days – he wants NO part of the camera – soooo lucky ladybug had it pointed at her all day 🙂
This seems to be the only angle I get from him lately:

Watching big brother jackson venture into the *COLD* water 🙂

Check out ladybug’s first bathing suit of the summer – we haven’t picked up the sunblocker suit yet but how could I resist this!

Checking out the first time in the baby swing… not too sure yet…

ahhhh, i guess this IS fun! (can you tell we’re teething!)

Check out that pouty lip! Oh, how I adore her blue eyes…

Can’t wait until the beach is a daily thing – bring on Summer! 
Much Love,

  • Miss Donna - Love those pictures!!!! So adorable!!!!!

  • Catherine - Love the new pics of the kids!! Molly is gorgeous with those beautiful blue eyes and Jackson looks so grown up. What a throw on that boy!! Take care. 🙂

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