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If there is ever a thing that makes me turn into a gushy, smiling mess, its a guy who is a romantic and pays such attention to detail. I have such a soft spot for details and the little things. If you had told me 18 years ago when I was babysitting this adorable groom-to-be that he was the detail and romantic type I probably would have laughed.  He was one of the four brothers who loved to keep me on my toes – Although even then I do remember his kindness and compassion shining through, so I’m not completely shocked!

I met Tyler and his four bothers when I was just probably about 9 years old.  We were neighbors and our parents were all friends. We caused all kinds of havoc in the neighborhood between Tyler, his three brothers and his three cousins, Jonathan, Nick and Jen who also lived next door. I was the ‘bigger kid – babysitter’ but that really meant nothing as we were often all running around causing mayhem!

When Tyler contacted me a few months ago about doing some engagement pictures two things happened. First, I immediately felt like there had to have been a time warp as there was no possible way little Tyler was old enough to be getting married!! — and Secondly, I was thrilled to hear he had found the love of his life but more so honored that he asked me to photograph such a meaningful time in their lives. Thanks Tyler 🙂

Last night we headed to Tuck’s Point in Manchester by-the-Sea, MA. A very popular location lately but this time it was exceptionally meaningful.  Not only did Tyler grow up on the shores of Tuck’s point with many weekend bbq’s and parties, but it is also where he proposed to his beautiful bride-to-be, Erin! I actually had no idea when I suggested the location – I just thought given that I know his family so well, its been a place of graduation parties, birthday parties and just weekend get together s. Little did I know it was exceptionally meaningful for these two!

So we started out and got right into it – It didn’t take long to see just how in love these two are. Holy. Moly. I absolutely LOVED being a part of their happiness. It was an honor to listen to them chat, laugh, recap their story and just genuinely enjoy each other. It is so refreshing when you get to be in the presence of happy. Real happy.

Turns out Tyler had planned the whole engagement all on his own – to the minute! Erin’s parents were coming in from out of town, his cousin Jonathan was driving the boat over so they could all go out after he proposed.. Sweet Erin had no idea! She thought they were just going out to dinner by boat in Marblehead… Little did she know Tyler was a little panicked as her parents were much later than they were supposed to be because of traffic but all in all, it worked out perfectly and she, of course, said YES!


Erin, you are absolutely beautiful.  It is no doubt why Tyler is so in love with you. Your spirit is so full of life and happiness. I wish you both nothing but success and joy! Tyler, thank you so much for asking me to document this amazing time in your life.  I can’t wait to see whats waiting for you both!

Much Love,

  • Jen - BEAUTIFUL!!! Congratulations Erin and Tyler!!!

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