Senior Portraits

Do you remember your high school senior portrait? Was it in a studio just like everyone else’s, maybe with a cap and gown? Or did you have the luxury of showing a little personality, maybe with your car at the time or a favorite hobby piece? In our school we had to all go to the same studio – We did have the flexibility to wear what we wanted but that was it.  Cookie cuttered and all the same.


Most graduating classes these days have endless options! What an amazing time to document in their lives in a way that feels authentic to them!  Some students love the beach (who doesn’t in this area we live in!?) so we take their portraits at the beach! Some students love to hike so we take their portraits on some local trails.  What a beautiful way to document this time in their lives in a way that fits their personality and highlights their interests while using a beautiful artistic touch.  I wish our high school had let us do that! I think the yearbook would have had much more diversity!


While the high school graduates are enjoying their last summer before college – the incoming senior class is celebrating the last summer going into high school!  While we know it’s a busy time of year – it’s also the time that the incoming high school seniors can check one thing off their list! The school year fills up with fall sports and activities pretty quickly — we typically book 2-3 months out so if you have a high school senior looking for senior portraits – we highly recommend connecting sooner rather than later!


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