so busy and so behind on blogging!

not even sure where to begin!

It’s been a crazy last few weeks… Grams came up from Florida to visit and we took HUNDREDS of picture while she was here! Jackson had the time of his life showing Grams the orchard with the animals, the big dinosaur at the Museum of Science, getting to sit in the big fire truck, and most of all – playing THOMAS of course!! Grams was sweet enough to set up jacksons tracks and everything – he was thrilled every morning to wake up and go into Grams room — ‘Grams Play’ he’d say before anyone had even had coffee yet!! I promise to put some of those shots up – we have so many from the week!!

After that it was a few days of family vacation! We headed up to North Conway, NH for a few days – we got to see the trains and did a lot of swimming. Jackson had never been swimming before (besides once when he was a baby and doesnt remember!) so we were excited to see how he’d like it… boy was he funny! He wasn’t sure if it was fun or not and then once he realized he was safe he thought it was the best – He looked so cute in his little swimmy – floaty thing and his little bathing suit — images to follow here too!

Once we got home from vacation it was a bit of crazyiness between Rick working and my sessions but we survived the week! Then I got to hangout with my good friend Keri at the Bellies and Babies tour with Sandra Puc’ – It was so fun – I even got to be the pregnant model and got a free DVD!! Thanks for the help Molly girl – Pays to be pregnant!!

I also had the chance to spend the day with Denise and Ed as I shot their wedding on Sunday in Groveland, MA. It was a beautiful day and everything was stunning – Although Denise is my doctor, she was like one of my girlfriends the day of her wedding – she looked beautiful and the newlyweds were just so happy! Thanks for letting me share in your day guys – I promise pictures are coming soon!!

We’ve spent the last few days just getting things together for the big BIRTHDAY BASH this weekend! I have to tell you I was in HEAVEN this evening…. we came home to a SPARKLING CLEAN HOUSE!! We had our cleaning lady come today so things could be in order for the party and honestly, I felt like a kid in a candy store! We’ve had a good friend of ours clean for us when I was pregnant when jackson but this is another friend of a friend who will be coming back throughout this pregnancy and I could just give her a hug right now! I was almost jumping up and down my house was so clean – even Rick said so! I’m THRILLED things are clean and away… now lets just pray it stays that way until Sunday! hehe…

Well its back to organizing and editing for a bit – I promise a post with pictures soon..

Thanks for checking in – The craziness is about to subside— at least for the time being 😉

Lots of hugs to my loyal blog readers!!


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